Woman Calls The Police After Coming Home To Find Her Sister Breastfeeding Her Son


After seeing her sister nursing her infant, a woman contacted the police.

The 22-year-old lady posted a question on the well-known Reddit thread ‘Am I The A**hole?’ on whether she was wrong to report her 27-year-old sister to the police.

She mentioned on the site that the twin sisters gave birth two weeks apart, and the infants are now three and five weeks old.

“I needed to get surgery recently, and because my son’s father isn’t around, my sister and BIL offered to babysit my son while I was in the hospital (3 days total) free of charge,” she explained.

When she arrived home from the hospital, she walked in on her sister breastfeeding her son.

She claimed that initially, the nursing didn’t bother her.

She became outraged when her sister said she was planned to pump her breastmilk and give it to the baby in place of the “garbage” formula she had been feeding the child.

“I was kind of in shock so I didn’t react straight away but I went to the bathroom and called the police on her. Apparently what she did wasn’t a crime, and the child is being fed so they couldn’t even do anything about it,” she said.

When the older sister discovered she had called the police, they got into an argument.

“My sister then blew up at me, saying it was completely wrong of me to call the police on her when she was just trying to help, I told her she dumped 14 cans of formula without even consulting me and currently had nothing to replace it with, just plans to,” the forum poster wrote.

“She now wants me to pay her for the babysitting she did but I told her I can’t even afford to replace the formula while I’m on maternity leave so I won’t be paying her for the babysitting.”

The older sister then stormed out of the house and blocked the younger sister on everything. The sisters’ parents had to replace the formula that had been thrown out.

Most people on the forum agreed that she was not the asshole.

“NTA. She just literally dumped hundreds of dollars of formula that YOU BOUGHT because of her own personal opinions on formula. I would have done the same thing, in your situation,” one person commented.

Another added: “She owes you for the 14 cans of formula that she stole and threw away. She can disagree with you all she wants, but theft is theft – and now that she’s blocked you everywhere, she’s leaving your child to go hungry.”

A third said: “She destroyed your property. Property that you cannot easily afford to replace. All out of a sense of misplaced self righteousness. Not only did she have no right to do that, but her doing so was illegal. You had every right to call the law. NTA.”

While others thought she took it too far by calling the police.

“ESH. Her for obvious reasons, it’s not ok to throw away all your formula, duh, but really? Your gut instinct is to call the POLICE???” one person commented.

They added: “Reddit will defend it because Reddit loves revenge porn and “but mah property” but that’s a ridiculous overreaction as a FIRST response and needlessly escalated the situation. No attempt to get the money back, no argument, just straight to call the cops? On your sister who took care of your baby for free? Wtf.”

Another person added: “She had no right to get rid of the formula, but calling the police was a massive overreaction. What was your goal? To have a nursing mother arrested?”