Young Boy Wins £400,000 Golden Prime Bottle After Correctly Guessing Code


In a shocking turn of events, a young boy has clinched victory in a high-stakes guessing game, winning a gold Prime drink bottle valued at a mind-boggling £400,000. The beverage, which has achieved cult status since its release last year, was once so elusive that desperate parents reportedly embarked on cross-country journeys to secure a bottle for their children.

Co-founders KSI and Logan Paul, riding on the success of selling their billionth Prime bottle, devised a competition that allowed fans to vie for a solid gold bottle worth an astronomical $500,000 (£405,730). The catch? The golden elixir was encased in bulletproof glass, and participants had a mere 20 seconds to correctly guess a six-digit code. The stakes escalated further, as failure to crack the code within 48 hours would trigger the incineration of the golden bottle, reducing its value to absolute zero. The alarming mechanism, crafted by former NASA engineer Mark Rober, added a layer of intensity to the already high-stakes contest.

With bottles strategically placed in both New York and London, fans flocked to participate in the nerve-wracking challenge. After numerous failed attempts, a Pinewood FC jersey-clad youngster emerged as the unlikely victor, accurately deciphering the elusive six-digit code—954229. The triumphant moment triggered an explosion of confetti and jubilation from onlookers, with the fortunate winner securing not only a gold Prime bottle but also a coveted photo op with KSI.

However, the joy in London spelled doom for the New York counterpart, as co-founder Logan Paul somberly confirmed on Instagram that the State-side bottle had been “completely destroyed.” The gold, though still existing in a molten form, had undergone a drastic transformation from a coveted bottle to a shapeless mass. The shocking twist in the fate of these golden elixirs has left fans in awe and anticipation, further solidifying Prime’s status as a cultural phenomenon.