Woman Realises She’s Been Washing Her Hands With A Block Of Cheese – For Weeks


For weeks, a woman unintentionally cleaned her hands with a block of cheese after mistaking it for a bar of soap.

After seeing that her soap wasn’t foaming as normal, Miley from Vancouver, Washington, initially felt perplexed before understanding it was actually a lump of cheddar.

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She did what most of us would do after a few drinks one night and opened the refrigerator to get herself a snack.

But it took her a few days to notice that she had actually left the cheddar out and was using it to wash her hands.

Miley said she normally uses liquid soap for her dishes, but didn’t realise her mistake as she does keep a bar of yellow, unscented soap on the counter for her hands.

After realising her mistake, she posted a hilarious snap of the cheese to Reddit.

Miley wrote: “Just realised my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese.”

And explaining why it took so long for her to realise, she added: “I use a liquid soap for the dishes, bar soap like dis is gentler on my hands after I do chores if that makes any sense.”

But Miley admitted to Cafe Mom alcohol may also have played a part in the mishap.

She said: “It was a couple days of ‘Why isn’t this foaming?!’

“I come to realise it was a dried-out square of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese.

“I suspect I left it out when I was intoxicated and just forgot.”

Her Reddit post has racked up more than 100 comments, as people found her mistake hilarious.

One person asked: “But that must mean…… have we been eating Mac&Soap the entire week??”

Another added: “Does that mean you put the soap in the fridge?”

While a third said: “To be fair to you it does look like a block of soap.”