Woman ‘Buried Alive’ Reportedly Spent 11 Days Trying To Fight Her Way Out Of Coffin


A woman who was inadvertently buried alive is thought to have struggled to escape her coffin for up to 11 days.

Rosangela Almeida dos Santos, 37, is thought to have desperately struggled to escape the wooden box she had been put into before being buried in Brazil, in what can only be described as something out of most people’s nightmares.

Before her coffin was raised out of the ground and uncovered, locals said they had heard screaming and banging coming from her grave in the Senhora Santana cemetery in Riachao das Neves 11 days after she had been buried.

People can be seen stroking dos Santos’s feet and remarking that she still feels warm in footage of the moment family members ripped open her grave.

Unfortunately, dos Santos had passed away by the time her casket was opened again on February 9, 2018, and despite being rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead and reburied the next day.

When the coffin was opened, it was discovered that dos Santos’s body was still warm and had turned inside the casket. Neighbours of the cemetery had informed the deceased’s relatives of the eerie noises they had been hearing coming from her tomb.

The Daily Mail reported that the woman’s cotton wool had fallen out of her ears and nose, and that she had suffered injuries to her hands and forehead while attempting to escape the tomb.

Additionally, it was claimed that scratches and blood stains were discovered inside the coffin. Additionally, it was discovered that the nails used to secure the coffin lid had been forced forward as dos Santos attempted to escape.

She was on anti-convulsant medicine and had been brought to a hospital in northeast Brazil by her family because she was extremely exhausted and had fainting spells since she was seven.

Her death certificate stated that she had two cardiac arrests before dying of ‘septic shock’, so her family said their goodbyes at a wake that same evening before she was buried in a concrete tomb in her hometown the following day.

People who live close to the cemetery reported hearing muffled screams at night, but at first they thought it was just kids doing practical jokes.

Screams were heard, followed by two groans, and then the commotion stopped, according to a neighbour.

Numerous locals allegedly went to the cemetery to see dos Santos after her body was found and confirmed that it was really still warm.

Dos Santos’ family reported the event to the police because they thought the married man without children had been wrongly proclaimed dead after being in the hospital for a week.

We continue to pray for dos Santos’s family and friends.