UK To Face Worst Snow In A Decade Next Week


People’s dreams of a white Christmas may come true a little later than expected since, according to weather forecasters, the UK may experience its worst snowfall in more than ten years next week.

The good news never seems to stop coming, huh?

This week, there has been a lot of rain in several parts of the UK, which has led to floods and transport disruption in some areas.

The UK was blanketed in snow back in 2009. Credit: Tom Steventon/Alamy Stock Photo

Specifically in Wales and the western regions of England, the Met Office has issued a warning that rain and high winds will continue to sweep through the nation today (January 13) and through the weekend.

But next week, when temperatures are predicted to plunge as low as -12C in some places, things are just going to get worse.

According to one analyst, the anticipated snowfall will be comparable to the big freeze of 2009 and 2010, when the UK was largely affected by extremely low temperatures and heavy snowfall.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “There is the potential for what could be a widespread snow event across large parts of the country, and this is expected around the start of next week.

“The snow is likely to hit northern regions first, but we now expect southern areas to see some snow within this period.

“This could be heavy in parts, and lead to accumulation, and this is likely to cause disruption on the roads and travel networks.

“Northern England could see rain turning to snow in places from as early as this weekend and into Monday of next week.

“People should prepare for disruption, especially on travel networks, as consistent and heavy snow showers and blizzards hit.”

He previously warned earlier this week: “The risk is increasing of snowfall which could produce similar images to the historic snow events of 2009 and 2010.”

Weather experts predict next week will see heavy snowfall in parts of the UK. Credit: Craig Brown/Alamy Stock Photo

The Met Office further noted that by Monday night (16 January), overnight frost will be more prevalent and overnight lows will fall to below 0°C throughout and -10°C in some parts of Scotland.

Helen Caughey, deputy chief meteorologist, said: “After a spell of wet and mild weather to start 2023, a brief cold spell will change the feel of our weather across the UK for a few days next week.

“As a northerly flow establishes, we’ll see temperatures decline with overnight frosts returning and the chance of wintry showers in the north.

“It will certainly feel cold in all regions too, with the northerly winds creating a notable windchill.”

That being said, the national weather service expects that the cold spell won’t last as long as some have predicted.

It added: “The colder spell is expected to be short lived, with milder air moving in from the Atlantic bringing wet and windy conditions back to the UK towards the end of the week.”

Featured Image Credit: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo/Kay Roxby / Alamy Stock Photo