Tyson Fury Fans Shocked To Hear Voice Before Life-Altering Punch To Throat


Fans were surprised to hear Tyson Fury’s voice prior to a catastrophic sparring mishap, and the boxer later acknowledged that his characteristic raspy voice is a direct result of what happened.

The heavyweight champion previously discussed how the throat punch resulted in a blood clot, permanently changing his voice.

On Hits Radio lately, he quipped that “ever since then, I now sound like my dad.”

Fury had absolutely no huskiness to his voice in the 2008 footage, which was taken from his very first TV interview.

Boxing fans will be aware with Tyson Fury’s husky voice in addition to the fact that he is the current heavyweight champion of the world.

The 35-year-old has performed in front of crowds before after winning a fight, but his distinctive voice hasn’t always sounded the way it does today.

The Gipsy King has spoken out about how his voice was drastically changed while battling in a new Netflix series called At Home With The Furys.

Fury, who announced his retirement from boxing in April but later plotted a return to the ring, explained on Hits Radio: ‘This guy called Ty, he punched me in the throat in sparring and it ended up with me getting a blood clot in me throat.’

‘Ever since then, I now sound like my dad,’ the athlete added in reference to his father John Fury, who is known for his gravelly voice.

In his first-ever press conference from 2008 following the Carl Froch vs. Jean Pascal fight, which recently surfaced, Fury’s ‘old’ voice, which his wife Paris characterised as’soft and sensitive’, can be heard.

A younger Fury discusses his boxing skills in the interview.

The self-assured boxer responded, “Not being big-headed or anything, but my trainer always says like as soon as I walked in the gym, he knew I had big potential and he knew I was good,” when asked when he noticed he was “actually good at this [boxing]”.

‘I’ve always been quite good, you know?’

During the interview, the undefeated boxer goes on to explain how he was born seven weeks premature and doctors told his father: ‘He’s here, but he’s not very strong and he’s not very big.’

Paris revealed that her husband used to be able to sing ‘real high noted songs’, adding that the boxer and his father ‘sound like generators, grrr’.

Tyson then joked: ‘A lot of people find it sexy, this voice.’

The Netflix reality series The Furys keeps viewers enthralled as they see the heavyweight champion struggle to accept retirement with his family after leaving the ring.

Viewers praised mother-of-six Paris, who is presently expecting their seventh child, and said that she “has her hands full” after watching the programme, which made its premiere on August 16.

The couple is happy parents of three sons (all named Prince): Prince John James (age 10), Prince Tyson Fury II (age 6), and Prince Adonis Amaziah (age 4), as well as three daughters: Venezuela (age 13), Valencia Amber (age 5), and Athena (age 2).

When Paris and Tyson got married in November 2008, she was 18 years old and he was 20 years old. Paris and Tyson first met when she was 15 years old.
Paris gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Venezuela, less than a year later.
Before the first episode of At Home With The Furys ever aired, it was announced earlier this month that Netflix had renewed the series.
Then, it was asserted, Tyson turned down millions of pounds by declining the opportunity to film two additional seasons of the popular Netflix series.
After the series’ tremendous popularity, the streaming behemoth tried to persuade Tyson to continue it, but Tyson rejected their offers because he doesn’t want to be called a “reality star.”

A TV insider told MailOnline that the intrusive nature of the show and the fact that cameras followed Tyson, his wife Paris and their six children 24/7 took its toll on the sportsman who has since admitted he wanted to stop filming the debut Netflix series on several occasions.

Despite Tyson’s stance, Netflix are still keen to work with the family namely his wife Paris, who is a natural on camera and has been praised by viewers for supporting Tyson, who suffers from various mental health disorders including bipolar and ADHD but could face competition from other TV networks.

MailOnline can also reveal that At Home with the Furys, which features Tyson’s brother Tommy and his fiancée Molly-Mae Hague, was originally due to feature 10 episodes but was cut short to nine.

According to a source, Tyson realised the Netflix show offered a lucrative possibility in lieu of the money he would have made by engaging in combat after retiring.

But given how difficult the filming was and the fact that he is now back in the ring after coming out of retirement, he chose to postpone a second series for the foreseeable future.

Although the streaming behemoth harbours hopes that it will be repeated, Tyson is not thinking about doing so right now.

Tyson previously revealed that he briefly considered cancelling the nine-part show while it was being filmed.

The boxer revealed that shooting the series was not plain-sailing and that early on he ‘wanted out’, even calling his lawyers for help to cancel his contract.

On Capital XTRA Breakfast, Tyson sheepishly confessed: ‘Yeah I wanted out. I was like, couple of weeks in I said ‘Is there any way?’

‘I’d be on the phone with my lawyers, ‘Is there any way I can get out of this? I don’t know what I’ve signed up for again. I said I’d never do it again, I’ve done it again, I’ve made a mistake’.

‘That’s just my bipolar going up and down all the time – one minute I’m happy, the next minute I’m not and it’s very evident to see my emotional roller-coaster throughout this episode.’