Sam Smith Fans Defend Singer As Cruel ‘Stage Dive’ Video Goes Viral


Sam Smith’s fans have rallied to defend the singer in the wake of a viral video showing a failed ‘stage dive’ that led to cruel jokes.

The ‘Unholy’ singer, aged 31, has faced criticism this year for various reasons, including their ‘satanic’ Grammy Awards performance and their Brit Awards red carpet outfit. However, supporters have come to the defense of the ‘Vulgar’ artist after a video circulated online.

In the video, a person resembling the ‘Too Good At Goodbye’ singer attempts a stage dive but is met with the crowd parting, leaving them to land on the floor.

Social media was quick to react with harsh comments. One person questioned, “Please tell me this isn’t actually Sam Smith.” Another added, “Wait, what!? That was Sam Smith!?” A third individual remarked, “There’s just no way that’s the same person who wrote and sang ‘Writings on the wall’.”

However, these misconceptions were quickly corrected as more information about the incident came to light. A fact-checker on social media provided context by stating, “This is not Sam Smith, as can be seen in these videos taken from a different angle.” They also shared a link to a TikTok video that reveals what actually happened: a dancer dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jumping off the stage during a Vanilla Ice concert.

Newsweek also debunked the rumor that it was Sam Smith.

Fans of the ‘Stay With Me’ singer responded by hitting back at those who made derogatory comments. One person wrote, “FACT CHECKED DUMBA**!!” Another said, “One look and you can tell it isn’t Sam.” A third fan commented, “People are so gullible it’s not even funny.” And yet another person added, “Worrying how many people genuinely thought it was Sam Smith in that stage dive clip.” A fifth individual noted, “It’s some random dude dressed as a Ninja Turtle at a Vanilla Ice concert—the song Vanilla Ice did in old-school TMNT movies.”