Pizza Delivery Driver Runs Into Burning Home To Save Five Children


Two kids and three teenagers were pulled out of their blazing home by a pizza delivery man, who then saved their lives.

Nicholas Bostic, a 25-year-old driver from Indiana, spotted the blaze while driving passed a residence in Lafayette. He immediately raced inside.

An 18-year-old, two 13-year-olds, two 1- and 6-year-olds, as well as two more youngsters, were all saved thanks to Bostic.

According to authorities, one of the 13-year-olds was a friend who had been staying over at the residence, and four of the children were siblings.

Bostic entered the house through the back entrance, discovered the kids upstairs, and led them outside because he couldn’t call 911 because he didn’t have his phone with him.

But after leaving the house, Bostic heard that a six-year-old girl was still inside, so he went back inside to look for her.

Bostic managed to find the girl through the dense smoke and broke a window so they could both escape.

According to Indiana police, Bostic was hospitalised for treatment of a significant cut to his arm and severe smoke inhalation, but he has since been released.

Bostic spoke candidly about his selfless deeds with ABC7 Chicago, even revealing that the kids’ father had offered to pay him dinner.

“The father expressed interest in taking me out to dinner. They are welcome me into their family with open arms, said Bostic.

“I’m delighted I was there at the appropriate time and location. I would act if the occasion arose again and I had to.

“I knew what I was risking. I knew the next second it could be my life. But every second counted.”

Lafayette Police Lt. Randy Sherer confirmed the blaze broke out at around 12:30am on 11 July and hailed Bostic’s actions as ‘heroic’.

Sherer also said that all of the children caught up in the inferno are doing well. 

On 14 July Lafayette Police released a statement that said in part: “Nicholas happened to be driving by the block of Union street when he noticed a house on fire.

“He immediately stopped in the roadway, threw his car into reverse, turned around and pulled into the driveway.

“He knew he had to act. He ran around to the back of the home and was able to open the back door. He began yelling inside [but] didn’t receive an answer.

“He walked through the house, calling out the danger, and eventually made his way up the stairs. He found four kids and helped them escape from the house.”