People Vow To Never Buy Disposable Vapes After Seeing How They’re Made


There is a video circulating that has caused quite a stir among many individuals. It’s about how disposable vape pens are created, and curiously, this time, it’s not the regular vaping disputes that are getting people all up.

Despite continuous controversy about their safety, the NHS nevertheless suggests e-cigarettes as a means to stop smoking.

Additionally, there is a great concern that young children will start vaping, which has prompted some nations to outlaw these devices or impose limitations on their marketing and sales.

But in this video, it’s not the health concerns or environmental impact that have people vowing never to use disposable vapes again.

Learn why UK councils are calling for disposable vapes to be banned in the video below…

The video walks us through each step of creating these vape pens.

Everything is illustrated in depth, including the wiring and electrical testing as well as computer-aided label and packaging designs.

Then, a production line kicks in, assembling the vapes and slapping on the mouthpieces.

Now, here’s where the uproar starts.

No gloves are used by the individual who attaches the mouthpieces to the vapes. And for some people, that is irreconcilable.

You’re telling me they touch the tips of the vape without any gloves, someone asks in the video’s comments section.

“Ew! Imagine all that grease from their hands getting on the vapes. No thanks, I’m not buying those.”

And while they might not have the most polished way of putting it, their point is clear.

Another commenter is absolutely grossed out and says: “That doesn’t look appetising at all.

“They attach the mouthpieces with their bare hands. Eww! That was my last purchase, for sure.”

Some individuals also bemoan the quantity of plastic used in the production of these vapes, labelling them as a wasteful item.

Additionally, there will always be that one person who believes turning back to cigarettes is the answer. Which, by the way, probably isn’t the best idea.

In any case, it makes sense that individuals would be concerned about the sanitation of the foods they consume.
Therefore, many people may no longer use disposable vapes due to a scarcity of gloves.

Let’s face it: vaping has advantages and disadvantages, and the controversy isn’t likely to end anytime soon.

Take a time to see if the manufacturer is maintaining the manufacturing line neat and orderly before deciding whether to try it out or continue with it.

Whether you’re pro- or anti-vaping, it’s important to be knowledgeable and make decisions that are best for your health and way of life.