People Are Saying Their New IPhone 15s Are Overheating So Much They Can’t Hold It


Apple recently released its highly anticipated iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Max. However, some users have raised concerns about these new phones overheating and becoming uncomfortably hot to hold.

The iPhone 15 had generated significant excitement, especially among gamers, thanks to its new A17 Pro chip, a System-on-Chip (SoC) that offers faster speeds than even the M2 MacBooks. This chip is currently the only 3nm chip in the industry, and while it has impressive capabilities, it has received mixed reviews.

A Chinese technology reviewer known as Geekerwan conducted an extensive review of the new iPhones, focusing on the A17 Pro chip. During various tests and gaming sessions, he discovered that the A17 Pro can overheat, reaching temperatures as high as 48°C (118°F). Additionally, the chip is reported to throttle performance under heavy stress.

For instance, when playing Genshin Impact for 30 minutes with high graphic settings in a room at 25ºC (77°F), the device reached these high temperatures. When Geekerwan sideloaded Resident Evil Village on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, he noticed a drop in performance levels, with the A17 Pro going from mid-40s to 30 frames per second (fps).

Other users also reported issues with overheating. Canadian tech content creator RJey mentioned on social media that the iPhone Pro Max gets so hot that it becomes difficult to hold without a case. Users on the platform expressed their dissatisfaction, with one noting, “Heat issues are horrible; this is not what I was expecting (15 Pro Max).” Another user said, “I knew I wasn’t imagining things. I noticed it immediately when I turned it on. The ‘hot core’ just keeps getting hotter.”

Apple acknowledged the potential for the device to become very hot in an interview with IGN. President Tim Millet stated that the iPhone 15 Pro has the power to “burn a hole” through the back of the phone. However, he reassured users that there are safeguards in place to prevent such extreme situations from occurring.

In simpler terms, while the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Max offer impressive performance with the A17 Pro chip, they can get extremely hot during intensive tasks, causing discomfort for users. Apple is aware of this issue and has implemented protections to prevent any serious harm to the device. Developers have tools to optimize performance, but the heat generated can still be noticeable during heavy usage.