Parents No Longer Talking To Daughter After ‘Son Who’s Been Dead For Six Months’ Rings Them Up


A set of parents, whose son made a surprising call after allegedly being “dead for six months,” are now estranged from their daughters in a bizarre and tumultuous family saga. Brace yourselves for a jaw-dropping story that goes beyond the realm of the ordinary.

The protagonist in this astonishing tale is Callum, a New Zealander, who made waves with his jaw-dropping revelation on ZM Radio in 2021, unveiling a family narrative that defies all expectations.

The narrative’s origins lay in a seemingly innocuous radio segment, where ZM Radio invited listeners to share instances where they were mistakenly presumed dead. Amid the sea of stories, Callum’s account left the show’s hosts, Carl Fletcher, Vaughan Smith, and Megan Papas, utterly astounded.

Callum recounted, “Yes, I definitely have been presumed dead, mate.” He revealed the shocking tale of family turmoil and deception, which unfolded as his sisters were embroiled in a heated dispute with his parents.

As the story goes, Callum was residing in Wellington while his family was based in Christchurch, and during this period of familial discord, his older sister took a drastic and shocking step. She called their parents and informed them that Callum had met a grim fate, alleging that he had been brutally stabbed to death.

Vaughan, one of the incredulous hosts, interjected, “Wait wait wait, you were murdered? You’re not dead in an accident by your own hand, someone murdered you! This is the wildest phone call we’ve ever had. Were you the sort of person who would have been stabbed?” Callum’s response only added more layers to the surreal tale, “I was not in some gangs, but I will say, at the point in time, it wouldn’t have been un-peculiar for me to get stabbed.”

The bewildering revelation left the radio hosts flabbergasted. Callum further elaborated on his decision to reach out to his parents, stating, “And then I was like wait – I haven’t heard from my parents in a while, I wonder what’s going on? And I gave them a call-up and my mum and dad are like ‘you’re alive?’ My mum was absolutely in tears, and my dad was just kind of gobsmacked – he was just like ‘what the heck is going on?'”

Vaughan couldn’t help but chime in, expressing his bewilderment, “What! I’m going to say this in the nicest possible way, Callum… your sister sounds like a crazy person. No offense. Your sister sounds like a top-level, red flag, crazy person!”

To compound the incredulity, Callum revealed that his sisters informed his parents that a funeral had already taken place, one to which they had not been invited. The alleged reason? His ex-girlfriend’s parents purportedly did not want them there.

The conclusion of this mind-boggling episode was that Callum’s parents severed ties with his sisters. It’s an outcome that leaves many pondering whether such an outcome was inevitable, given the astonishing and unsettling turn of events. This bewildering saga serves as a stark reminder that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction, and family dynamics can take astonishing twists and turns.