New World Cup Song 2022 From The Last Leg


With Qatar playing host to the first FIFA World Cup™ ever in the Arab world, a unique and extraordinary stage has been created for the teams, the players and, of course, you the fans. But more unexpectedly a huge light has been shed on the controversial laws of the hosting country.

The UK show The Last Leg have responded with a new version of the classic football anthem ‘3 Lions’.

The new rendition of the ‘3 Lions’ addresses the controversial laws and the recently disclosed £10 Million payment made to David Beckham for him to attend. Joe Lycett has raised awareness and publicly reached out to David Beckham in hopes he will see the negative impact his participation will have.

Qatar’s laws on same-sex relationships?

Homosexual acts are illegal in Qatar because they are considered immoral under Islamic Sharia law. 

Punishments include fines, prison sentences of up to seven years – and even death by stoning. 

Qatar’s World Cup organisers say “everyone is welcome”, and claim no one will be discriminated against. 

However, Qatar 2022 chief executive Nasser al Khater says laws on homosexuality will not change.

Joe Lycett did not shred £10K he in fact donated the money to LGBTQ+ Charities before he started the public conversation.

David Beckham has yet to respond.

Over 6,500 Died In The Preparations For The World Cup 2022

The World Cup finals’ infrastructure, which included new stadiums, hotels, and highways, was built by an estimated 30,000 labourers from nations including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Philippines.

Using information provided by Qatari embassies, The Guardian reported in February 2021 that 6,500 employees have died in Qatar since it won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

Alcohol Banned

Two days prior to the event, Qatar made the announcement that beer sales would not be permitted within World Cup venues.

Only dedicated fan zones and the bars of upscale hotels will now sell booze. A can or pint will cost between £10 and £12.