Man Travelled Around The World Impregnating Women, Plans To Father 2,500 Children


To impregnate women globally, a man who wants to father 2,500 children travels and have unprotected sex with numerous women around the world.

A man from the US has been travelling the world and getting women pregnant with the aim of fathering 2,500 women.

Under the name “Joe Donor,” he has been doing this since 2008 and has already fathered more than 160 children. He has already visited Argentina, the Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, America, and Italy.

He responds to women who contact him on social media with a number of methods for getting them pregnant.

He does not collect a fee in return but instead requests that the recipients cover his expenses.

When questioned if there were “too many little Joes” in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia in 2019, he responded:

“No, I worked out the math and in the United States I would have like a limit of maybe 2,500. And I’m nowhere near that. So there’s no problem.”

I’m averaging about 10 a year. Hopefully, I live that long, but I don’t think so.

Stephen Paige, a lawyer, and expert in family and fertility issues criticized Joe’s actions: “He’s really playing the role of God, and he shouldn’t be playing the role of God towards desperate women and their kids. I just think he’s mad and dangerous, and these women shouldn’t be going anywhere near him.

The American’s moral behavior was investigated by 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes after she stated he didn’t seem to care about the women he was supplying sperm to.

In his opinion, “a woman will die a spinster without a child,” was the greater risk.

The research also revealed that “Joe” transfers sperm privately, giving him the ability to avoid medical tests.

Joe currently resides in the UK and has the following description on his Facebook page: Top sperm donor, blond blue eyes, 160+ births. I can help with a baby anywhere in the UK, message now.