Jessie J Finally Shares Who The Father Of Her Baby Is


Jessie J, the powerhouse behind hits like ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Price Tag,’ has thrilled fans with the revelation of the mystery man behind her recent baby joy. The 35-year-old ‘Flashlight’ singer, who announced her pregnancy in January and welcomed a son in May, took to Instagram to share an electrifying update.

In an Instagram story that set pulses racing, Jessie J poured her heart out in a loving tribute to the father of her child, whose face tantalizingly remained obscured in the photo. The pop sensation, known for her unfiltered honesty, confessed, “I struggle to keep things private. I think if you know me you know that.”

In a narrative that reads like a whirlwind romance novel, Jessie J spills the beans about meeting her boyfriend just weeks after a devastating miscarriage in 2021. Describing him as a “beam of light” who lit up her dark days, she gushes about the whirlwind love that resulted in a miraculous, issue-free pregnancy.

With palpable gratitude, the singer declares, “Grateful doesn’t cut it. He has given me many of the best gifts of my life.” Jessie J goes on to reveal the intimate details of her boyfriend’s unwavering support, narrating how he stood by her side during the birth via C-section, never letting go of her hand.

The heartfelt post concludes with Jessie J painting a vivid picture of her boyfriend as ‘the calm to my crazy. The peace to my fear. The daddy to my baby. Thank you.’ Accompanying the emotional tribute is an adorable shot of her baby boy reaching out to hold her finger.

Amid months of teasing their relationship, the mystery man has finally been unmasked. Jessie J’s baby daddy is none other than Chanan Safir Colman, a 39-year-old Danish-Israeli professional basketball player currently signed with Hapoel Haifa.

The journey to motherhood for Jessie J has been marked by candid revelations about fertility struggles, including being told she’d ‘never get pregnant.’ In 2021, the pop star faced heartbreak with a miscarriage, sharing her emotional turmoil on social media.

Now, as Jessie J basks in the joy of motherhood, fans can’t help but be captivated by the thrilling rollercoaster of love, loss, and ultimately, a new beginning for the celebrated singer.