Her Majesty The Queen Has Passed Away Aged 96


After serving as monarch for more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

Following the historic celebration of the queen’s Platinum Jubilee in February 2022, the news of her dying was disclosed today, September 8.

The queen raised doubts about her health both before and after the event by postponing a number of engagements and obligations, including forgoing the customary welcome to Balmoral Castle in August and opting to stay in Balmoral to meet the new prime minister, Liz Truss, in September.

Queen Elizabeth II was the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after taking the throne on February 6, 1952, and she ruled into her 90s.

The queen, who travelled more than any other monarch throughout history, represented the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth by attending award ceremonies, philanthropic events, and school appearances.

She has connections to more than 600 charities, military associations, professional groups, and public service organisations as either a Royal Patron or President. These organisations support topics like opportunities for young people and the protection of wildlife and the environment.

The Queen has dedicated her time in office to strengthening the Royal Family in addition to all of her other responsibilities and accomplishments.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II welcomed King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward after their 1947 wedding.

On September 8, following the publication of a statement from Buckingham Palace stating that Her Majesty’s doctors were worried for her health and had advised she remain under medical observation, many members of the Royal Family made their way to the Queen’s estate in Balmoral, Scotland.

The statement read, “The Queen is happy and at Balmoral.”

In the wake of his mother’s passing, Charles now automatically assumes the throne, even though his coronation is unlikely to take place for months.

After the Accession Council meeting tomorrow, he will probably be formally crowned King.

The eldest son of the queen also has the choice to renounce the crown and give it to his elder son, Prince William.

In the coming days, the queen will be taken to the Palace of Westminster where she will lie in state for three days, her coffin on a raised box known as a catafalque in the middle of Westminster Hall.  

Meanwhile, government departments will begin preparations for the queen’s funeral, which has already been agreed to be a Day of National Mourning.

The state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, with a two-minutes’ silence held across the country at midday.