Flying Ants Day Hits On The Same Day As Heatwave Hits Peak


When people claim that the heat strikes England differently, they are not mistaken. And by different hits, we mean getting swarmed by flying ants while attempting to heal from sunburn.

Flying ants are come to remind us that we can be living in a real hell, just as the Met Office has issued a red weather warning for the heat.

For those of you who don’t know what flying ant day is, let us explain the most miserable occasion of the year.

Therefore, flying ant day is a day when the bothersome flying insects depart from their colony to reproduce.

In particular, queen ants, which resemble the worker ants you see all year round but are larger and have wings.

Flying ant day doesn’t have a defined date, but the public disruption usually takes place in the middle of the summer, right as the weather starts to get nice, just in case it wasn’t already obvious that ants don’t care about you.

Now that we are aware of what it is, what should we do?

The best suggestion is to stay indoors since, when we say that ants are everywhere, what we really mean is that they will adhere to your body while you desperately try to top up your tan.

If you can just put up with the inconvenience for a day or so, it’s also not really worth the effort to get rid of them because they usually all disappear again.

Still, even though their presence is short-lived, their ability to wind people up is strong.

People took to Twitter to share their frustration, with one user writing: “I love my patio & garden; it’s warm the sun is shining, secluded so swimwear all day, view of trees and sky, ice lollies in the freezer, paddling pool set up, 24° already. Edit: it’s flying ant day.”

While another had a sneaking suspicion the tiny creatures would ruin the hottest day of the year (so far): “Ermm… They wouldn’t… Would they?! But just seen one…So I have a horrible feeling…The hottest day of the year might also be…FLYING ANT DAY!!!”

Another said that we should just leave the ants to it: “Your annual reminder that flying ant day(s) is the one time when ants are trying to get laid…..the ONE time. So shut up complaining & let them have their seconds of pleasure….oh & if you pour boiling water or ant killer down on a nest you’re a c**t.”

So, basically, try to enjoy the sun, stay hydrated, and don’t kill the ants, even though they’re really annoying.