Eminem’s Child Came Out As Non-Binary And Changed Their Name


Eminem’s child has recently come out as non-binary and has decided to change their name. The renowned ‘Without Me’ rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, is globally recognized for chart-topping hits like ‘Lose Yourself,’ ‘Love The Way You Lie,’ and ‘My Name Is.’ Despite his satirical take on society in some of his music, Eminem is also known for his heartfelt and personal lyrics, often rapping about his relationships, including those with his ex-wife and children.

Eminem is a father to three children: Haile, 27, Alaina, 30, and Stevie, 21. Haile is Eminem’s biological child with his ex-wife Kim Scott, while Alaina is Kim’s sister Dawn’s daughter, whom Eminem adopted. Stevie, formerly known as Whitney Scott and born in April 2002, has a different biological father, Eric Hartter, with whom Kim was involved when she and Eminem were separated. However, after Eminem and Kim reconciled in 2005, he legally adopted Stevie.

In 2017, Stevie came out as bisexual, and more recently, in a TikTok post that garnered nearly 240,000 views, they announced their non-binary identity. In the video, Stevie shared images of themselves as ‘Whitney’ using the pronouns ‘she/her’ and transitioned to images as ‘Stevie,’ expressing openness to all pronouns. The post received an outpouring of support from viewers, with many commending Stevie’s courage and self-discovery.

Comments on the TikTok video included messages of encouragement and affirmation: “Glad to see you are feeling more comfortable with yourself! Love yourself! You’re awesome,” wrote one person. Another commented, “It takes so much courage to do that. You’re an amazing person.” A third viewer expressed, “Congrats on your journey to finding yourself.” Stevie was met with love and acceptance from their followers.

When asked why they chose the name Stevie, Stevie responded in the comments, saying, “I spent a long time trying to pick a name I felt comfortable with, and the first name I felt comfortable with is Stevie.”

On their social media platforms, Stevie shares insights into their long-distance relationship with TikToker Declan Jace. They also used their platform to discuss the moment they learned about being adopted. In a video clip, Stevie lip-syncs along with captions suggesting a real-life incident where someone informed them of their adoption, to which they initially denied. Eventually, they approached their adopted father to clarify their parentage. In response to their question about being adopted, the father figure confirmed, “I am your real dad.” Stevie also mentioned receiving an article about their biological father’s death, which they shared with their grandmother.

Eric Hartter, Stevie’s biological father, passed away in 2019 from an alleged cocaine and fentanyl overdose. According to Stevie, their grandmother expressed regret that they had not been informed about their biological father.