Elon Musk’s Recruiting People For Human Trials Of His Brain Implant ‘Neuralink’


The Implant was given the green light to begin trials.

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Elon Musk is taking the leap from sci-fi dreamer to real-life wizard with his groundbreaking brain implant project called Neuralink! Imagine a world where your thoughts control computers and machines – it’s no longer a fantasy; it’s an exciting reality in the making!

Credit: Nerualink

Elon Musk and his band of tech-savvy heroes are gearing up for the most epic adventure of all time: the ‘first-in-human clinical trial’ of their mind-bending creation. While the neural brain chip has already been put through its paces on some lucky pigs and monkeys, it’s now set to make its grand debut inside a human brain! Hold onto your hats, because this is the stuff of science fiction turned science fact.

Neuralink, the brainchild of the one and only Elon Musk and his elite squad of seven scientists and engineers, recently scored a golden ticket from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to dive headfirst into human trials. That’s right, the FDA gave its nod of approval, and the scientific world is buzzing with excitement!

But wait, there’s more! Neuralink has also been given the green light by the “reviewing independent institutional review board” and the first hospital site. It’s like they’re putting together the Avengers of medical science, and they’re recruiting!

Credit: Nerualink

In a tweet that shook the digital universe, Neuralink announced, “We’re excited to announce that recruitment is open for our first-in-human clinical trial!” So, if you’ve got quadriplegia due to a cervical spinal cord injury or the mighty amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), you might just be the chosen one! Head over to their blog and discover how you can join the adventure of a lifetime.

This isn’t just any ordinary study; it’s the PRIME Study (Precise Robotically Implanted Brain-Computer Interface), where the line between science and magic blurs. The mission? To evaluate the safety of their brain implant (N1) and surgical robot (R1) and see if they can let people with paralysis control devices using their thoughts. It’s like telekinesis, but cooler!

During this wild journey, the R1 Robot will delicately place the N1 Implant’s ultra-fine threads in the brain’s movement control center. The best part? This implant is like a ninja; it’s practically invisible! It’ll record and transmit brain signals wirelessly to an app that decodes your thoughts into actions. Mind control at your fingertips!

Credit: Elon Musk / Getty Images

Imagine typing a message without lifting a finger or controlling a computer cursor with just your thoughts – that’s the initial goal of Neuralink’s Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). It’s not just groundbreaking; it’s mind-bendingly awesome!

This isn’t just about cool gadgets; it’s about changing lives. The PRIME Study is a giant leap towards creating a universal brain interface that can bring back independence to those with unmet medical needs. If you want to be part of this grand adventure, you’ll need to be at least 22 years old and have a reliable caregiver by your side.

According to PRIME’s brochure, this incredible journey will span approximately six years, with a mix of nine at-home and in-person clinic visits over 18 months. You won’t be alone; Neuralink’s experts will be with you every step of the way, ensuring the BCI continues to work its magic.

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