Doctor Says Smoking One Elf Bar Is Equivalent Of Disturbing Amount Of Cigarettes


Disposable vapes like Elf Bars are significantly harmful to your health, according to a doctor on TikTok.

Vaping, which is promoted as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, has become so popular in recent years that it may be challenging to cross the street without stepping through someone else’s vape cloud.

The colourful and sweet-flavored disposable vapes like Elf Bars, which come in a variety of flavours and are designed to be thrown away after being used up, are one newly popular product.

The pleasant flavours and eye-catching packaging hide a health concern that many vapers are unaware of, despite the fact that vaping may be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Taking to TikTok, Dr Onkar Mudhar shot out the warning that smoking a full Elf Bar was ‘equivalent to about 48 to 50 cigarettes’.

He cautioned that the vapes were loaded with “extremely addictive” nicotine in his video, “Don’t Do It.”

The nicotine in these products is extremely addicting, he continued, and it also increases your chance of developing gum disease, dry mouth, dental decay, and early tooth loss.

“Furthermore, they can also cause bad breath. So try and avoid these at all costs.”

Dr. Gareth Nye said that a “whole generation” of 30-year-olds could have lung problems in 10 years. Other experts have also warned about the dangers of vapes like Elf Bars.

He cautioned that while vaping is safer than smoking, it is not risk-free because the liquid in some vaporizers contains nicotine and other hazardous ingredients also found in cigarettes.

The problem with younger generations getting into vaping is so serious that some schools in Australia are installing vape detectors to catch their pupils in the act.

The decision to crack down on vapes was made after students as young as 12 were caught vaping on school grounds.

Students had been informed about the health risks of vaping but plenty had still been caught puffing away.

It seems as though having a quick vape in the school toilets has become the new sneaking behind the bike shed for a cigarette.

Other parts of the world are cracking down on flavoured vapes too, with the EU proposing a potential ban on the devices over fears that children were getting addicted.

The use of disposable vapes such as Elf Bars has shot up recently, with a recent study showing that 16.7% of vapers in the UK using them, well up from the previous figure of 1.2%.

Last year there were around 3.6 million Brits who vaped and a growing number are turning to flavoured vapes.