Chris Appleton Files To Divorce Lukas Gage 6 Months After Kim Kardashian Married Them


In a shocking turn of events, the whirlwind marriage between celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton and actor Lukas Gage has hit a dead end, with Appleton filing for divorce. The bombshell revelation came just days after their wedding episode aired on “The Kardashians.”

Appleton wasted no time, heading straight to court on Monday morning, citing their date of separation as the previous Friday. The divorce documents obtained by TMZ reveal that “irreconcilable differences” are the grounds for the split, with the added twist of a prenuptial agreement in place.

Sources close to the couple disclose that the decision was agonizing for Appleton, emphasizing that he had exhausted all efforts to salvage the marriage but ultimately had to prioritize his own well-being. This unexpected divorce announcement follows a rapid-fire romance that began with a public debut of their relationship in February during a trip to Mexico.

The couple’s Vegas wedding, officiated by none other than Kim Kardashian and Shania Twain in April, marked the culmination of a relationship that moved at lightning speed. Lukas Gage, 28, expressed his joy and love for Appleton during an interview on the ‘Today’ show while promoting his role on Netflix’s “You.” He effusively shared, “I feel very happy, very lucky and very much in love. He’s a good-looking man. Something about being in London, I got a taste of the Brits and couldn’t help myself.”

Curiously, the recent divorce bombshell comes merely a week after the airing of their wedding episode on “The Kardashians,” where Kim Kardashian herself advised the couple to secure a prenuptial agreement—an advice they wisely heeded.

As of now, neither Chris Appleton nor Lukas Gage has made any public statements regarding the shocking dissolution of their marriage, leaving fans and onlookers in stunned disbelief at the sudden end of what seemed like a fairy-tale romance.