Aldi Launches New ‘Domino’s Inspired’ Delivery Service With Pizzas For Just £4


Within a few weeks, the grocer will begin offering its new Ultimate Takeaway queue to consumers.
Aldi has announced its first-ever pizza delivery service, so bid adieu to pricey takeaways.

If you reside in Manchester, Edinburgh or Cardiff, you should be on the lookout as the grocery giant will discontinue its ‘Ultimate Takeaway’ line on Tuesday, October 3.

Numerous pizzas from Dominos, such as The Meaty One, The Banger, and the Texas Style BBQ Chicken and Bacon, are included in the lineup.

Pre-ordering the new pizzas is already available for just £3.99 with free delivery for customers who can’t wait to test them out.

Additionally, the launch of the new service is timed to coincide with Fresher’s Week for many students in the UK.

As takeaway prices rise, Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, said: “We’re thrilled to be able to offer customers tasty pizzas at a fraction of the cost of pricey high-street businesses.
“People’s perceptions of supermarket pizza will undoubtedly shift as a result of the premium ingredients and competitive pricing of the Ultimate Takeaway range. To make matters even better, we’re overjoyed to be able to bring this food straight to clients’ doors and provide them the whole takeout experience.

The new menu includes:

  • The Meaty One (534g) – sizzling sausage and meatballs
  • The Banger – smoky and spicy hotdog
  • The Texas Style BBQ Chicken & Bacon – BBQ sauce base, chicken, and smoky bacon

This is definitely worth a try.

The full range can be purchased in Aldi stores and via Click and Collect from October 9.