‘Mean Girls’ The Musical Film To Star Original Cast


‘On Wednesday’s we wear pink!’, ‘Get in loser we’re going shopping’ and ‘She doesn’t even go here’ are just some iconic lines from the Mean Girls movie which was released back in 2004 and since then it has gone on to become a cult classic! From the teen movie, writer Tina Fey has adapted the script into a musical and now she’s turning that musical into a film!

Credit: Mean Girls (Tim Meadows, Tina Fey)

On March 6, the new Mean Girls movie is expected to go into production. Earlier this month on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Emmy Award-winning Tina Fey broke the news to her former Saturday Night Live co-star.

After she appeared in and wrote the original film, the Golden Globe Award winner Fey received a seven-figure offer to star in, write, and produce the forthcoming comedy. She will also play Ms. Norbury, the maths teacher from the first movie, in the most recent instalment of the franchise and will be joined by her former co star Tim Meadows as Principle Duvall.


Fey not only authored the screenplay for the original movie, but also wrote the Broadway musical, for which she received a Tony Award nomination with her husband  Jeff Richmond, contributing to the songwriting.

Credit: Mean Girls – Paramount Pictures

The Broadway musical (pictured below), like the original movie classic, follows adolescent Cady Heron as she relocates to the suburbs of Illinois with her scientific parents after leaving her native country of Africa. She becomes entangled in the complexities of her new high school’s social structure surrounding ‘The Plastics’ as she attempts to adapt to life in America.

Credit: Mean Girls the Musical

The actresses who played the famous Plastics in the first film, Lohan, McAdams, Seyfriend, and Chabert, reportedly received offers that were far less than Fey’s. to star in the film. Even if the quartet appeared in a cameo or throughout several pages of the script, the modest offer for them would have remained the same although it’s reported that McAdam’s named the fee ‘disgusting’. McAdams, who played Regina George in the 2004 movie, was given a bigger part in the future movie than her three co-stars it is reported although what the roles would be we do not know.

Despite these claims , Seyfried, who played Karen Smith in the original movie, said that she, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Lacey Chabert are hoping to feature in the new movie musical while walking the red carpet at the SAG Awards.


Seyfried stated “It’s not really up to us anymore … It would be nice to hang out. I just think that this legacy has just broken all records. Everything that Tina keeps doing, just putting it in a different way with the Broadway show, so amazing. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it? It’s nice,”

Seyfried also assured fans that they are “100% onboard” appearing in the film musical during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Will the movie be as good as the original… we’re not so sure? BUT we think it would be ‘SO FETCH’ to see the girls back together once again!


Featured Image Credit: Mean Girls – Paramount Pictures