Knives Out 3: Everything We Know So Far


Who is excited for ANOTHER murder mystery?

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Grab your magnifying glass and get ready for a killer update on Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out 3.” It’s a whodunit whirlwind that’s got fans all fired up, and we’re here to spill the tea on what’s cookin’!

Remember when “Knives Out” hit theaters in 2019? Oh boy, did that southern detective Benoit Blanc (played by the dashing Daniel Craig) sweep us off our feet! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a whopping 97% fresh rating, and it raked in a cool $312 million at the box office. Who could resist the charm of a good old murder mystery?

The bidding war for the sequels was hotter than a kettle on a stove. Netflix swooped in, waving a jaw-dropping $450 million check, and boom, Rian Johnson started cooking up “Glass Onion” in 2022.

Picture this: Benoit Blanc jet-setting to a Greek island, rubbing shoulders with Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Dave Bautista, and Kathryn Hahn. It was a star-studded mystery extravaganza!

Rian Johnson, the genius behind it all, ain’t stopping at two. Nope, he’s cracking open his detective kit once more for “Knives Out 3,” and he’s giving us a sneak peek at what’s in store.

Now, every whodunit needs a killer backdrop, right? “Knives Out” had that quirky Massachusetts mansion, and “Glass Onion” was all about a Greek island. Johnson spilled the beans to Insider in December 2022 and revealed that the third installment is gonna be an all-American adventure.

I want it to be in America. There’s a lot of tempting things of going to Paris or the Alps, but I feel it’s really important that these are American movies,” says the man with the master plan. “Even with ‘Glass Onion,’ it’s set overseas but it’s a group of Americans who are trapped on an island together, so bringing it back to somewhere a little closer to home I think could be a good thing for the next one.

Johnson says he’s back in action after the Writers Guild of America strike ended and ready to dive headfirst into the mysterious depths of “Knives Out 3.” The premise, the setting, the whole shebang—it’s all brewing in his brilliant mind.

But wait, who’s gonna fill the shoes of the next batch of suspects? Well, sorry to break it to you, but it’s still a secret. Daniel Craig is confirmed along with his “Kentucky-fried Foghorn Leghorn drawl” once more!

Johnson and Craig are all in for the long haul. In an interview with Variety in October 2022, Johnson spilled the beans, saying:

If each one of these can really be what Agatha Christie did, if it can be not just in a totally new location and a new cast, but also trying something exciting, I’ll keep doing it as long as Daniel and I are having a good time. I’ll keep making these as long as they let me.”

So, folks, “Knives Out 3” is on the way, and it looks like the mystery party is just getting started. As long as it’s a thrill and a hoot, they’re gonna keep ’em coming. Who’s ready to solve another mind-boggling case with Benoit Blanc?

People Are Staying Up All Night Watching New Netflix Series That’s Full Of Twists

Have we not all been there? Finding that one series that has us so thoroughly fascinated that it is rather tough to do anything else.

From Squid Game to fresh seasons of Stranger Things, we’ve seen numerous examples of this throughout the years.

Now, a brand-new Netflix series called Pact of Silence seems to have captured everyone’s attention.

The 18-part Mexican series chronicles the tale of Brenda, a well-connected influencer whose ascent to fame was undoubtedly difficult.

When she was extremely young, she learned to protect herself after being abandoned by her biological mother at birth.

An official Netflix synopsis reads: “Under the cover of night, four teens take an infant to a remote location and leave her in a rundown building. Waiting to pick them up is their school headmistress, Ramona.

“She’s helping the girls hide the pregnancy and is now assisting in abandoning the child, later named Brenda, who now intends to make sure the people who left her for dead — especially her biological mother — pay for what they did.”

Pact of Silence’s 18 episodes are all streaming on Netflix, so you can break out the snacks and binge watch.

The reviews for Pact of Silence have been overwhelmingly good, despite the fact that there aren’t enough of them to give the series a Rotten Tomatoes rating.

For example, the Decider’s review reads: “Pact Of Silence is a bit outlandish and has the potential to go off in a lot of crazy directions, but we wouldn’t expect anything different from a telenovela.”

Many viewers have also weighed in on the discussion, swarming to social media platforms to share their opinions on Netflix’s most recent offering.

It’s also true that many people are hooked with Pact of Silence to the extent that they stay up all night watching it.

“The show Pact of Silence on Netflix has me staying up every night late as hell to binge watch, it’s soooo good but I’m sooo tired,” one fan penned on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Meanwhile, a second added: “Pact of Silence on Netflix has me locked in & I’m only on the 2nd episode.”

While a third remarked: “I just binged watched 18 episodes of Pact of Silence on Netflix. Y’all, it was so good.”

On the other side of the social media, one person wrote on the Netflix Bangers Facebook page: “I binge watched this in ONE day. Soo many plot twists!!”

Season one of Pact of Silence is streaming right now on Netflix.

Netflix’s Bioshock Live-Action Movie: Everything We Know So Far

Are you ready to visit the city of Rapture?

If you’ve ever plunged into the depths of Rapture in the legendary video game, you’re in for a treat. Michael Green, the genius behind movies like Logan and Blade Runner 2049, is cooking up something special for Netflix. That’s right, the underwater dystopia of Rapture is making its way to your screens, and we’re here to spill the beans on this exciting update.

The original BioShock game, born in 2007, whisked gamers away to Rapture—a sprawling underwater city from the swinging ’60s. It’s like Mad Men meets the deep blue sea, with a twist. Imagine a world where genetic material gives folks superhuman abilities.

Credit: Bioshock Game

So, a BioShock movie has been on the horizon for a while, with numerous writers and directors taking a dip. But guess what? Last year, it made a splash at Netflix, with Michael Green penning the script and Francis Lawrence calling the shots.

Fast forward to now, and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike is officially over. It’s like the fog has lifted, and we can finally get some scoop on what’s going on with the BioShock movie. Michael Green is our man with the plan, and he recently spilled the beans to Collider.

Credit: Bioshock Game

You have to measure your words, or you’ll start to see a laser pointer at my forehead from the Netflix legal. Netflix has been amazing about it. They were excited about it before the strike, they’re excited about it now, post-strike.

Yes, I got called, the, ‘How’s it coming along?’ the minute the strike was over, ‘You about ready…?’ Been meeting regularly with Francis Lawrence and his team to refine a draft to go back in. We’re all optimistic. We all love it. It’s a great big sprawling nightmare world we wanna see real. So, here’s hoping. I would love to have an update for you soon

But what makes this project even more exciting is the talent behind it. Michael Green’s résumé boasts gritty sci-fi gems like Logan and Blade Runner 2049 as well as director Francis Lawrence the mastermind behind hits like The Hunger Games series, I Am Legend, Red Sparrow, and Constantine. These two are a creative force to be reckoned with!

Now, you might be wondering what we can expect from this BioShock movie. If you’ve ever dived into the game, you know Rapture is more than just a location; it’s a character in itself. A city that’s both jaw-dropping and spine-chilling.

Credit: Bioshock Game

And as for the story, it’s looking like they might stick close to the source material of the first game. We’re talking about our BioShock protagonist, Jack, exploring the eerie depths of Rapture and digging deep into the mystery of ADAM, that wacky genetic substance that brought the whole place crashing down.

But here’s the big question mark: will this be a Rated R movie? In the past, the BioShock project hit a reef because of its high budget and R rating.

But now that Netflix is at the helm, it’s possible that they can capture the game’s graphic violence and dark themes while having a budget that’s as deep as the ocean, letting them truly bring this epic tale to life.

So, gear up, folks! BioShock is bubbling up from the depths, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a wild ride. Stay tuned for more updates on this blockbuster adventure!