‘Casper’ The Ghost Live-Action Series Is In The Works


The iconic movie is getting a series!

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Prepare to be spooked and entertained because Casper the Friendly Ghost is making a haunting return to your TV screens! But this time, Casper’s not all friendly smiles and ghostly hi-fives; he’s getting a Riverdale-style makeover that’ll send shivers down your spine.

Peacock, the streaming giant, is brewing up a live-action, horror-adventure series that’s going to turn the ghostly world upside down.

Credit: Casper Movie

In this fresh incarnation, Casper’s origin story gets a dark and twisty twist, like a ghostly rollercoaster through the underworld. Picture it: Casper navigating the perilous path of high school while wrestling with the age-old question—what does it mean to be alive when you’re, well, not exactly alive?

Behind the scenes, the mastermind weaving this supernatural tale is Kai Yu Wu, the head writer of “The Ghost Bride.” Wu’s penmanship is set to give Casper a spine-tingling facelift, as he delves into the secrets lurking beneath the surface of a small town called Eternal Falls.

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When a new family moves to town (cue the ominous music), Casper finds himself smack in the middle of a mystery that’s been locked away for over a century. Think buried treasure, dark secrets, and ghostly revelations that’ll make your ectoplasmic hair stand on end.

Produced by UCP (a division of Universal Studio Group) and DreamWorks Animation, this newfangled Casper promises to resurrect the legendary ghost for a whole new generation. Get ready for some supernatural drama that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

Now, let’s talk Casper’s spooky history. This friendly ghost first materialized in animated movies by Famous Studios back in the 1940s and ’50s. Harvey Comics snagged the rights to him and gave him his own comic series in 1952.

Since then, Casper’s had more makeovers than a ghost in a fashion show, starring in five animated TV series and even a live-action feature in 1995 which featured everyone’s favourite scream queen Christina Ricci who has since gone on to star in the Addams Family and the Netflix version ‘Wednesday‘. Could we see her make a return to the franchise as well?

Credit: Casper Movie

But now, it’s time for Casper to step into the modern age, and this live-action series is expected to bring him to life with some dazzling CGI effects. So, get ready to see Casper in a whole new light (or lack thereof)!

Behind the scenes, Kai Yu Wu, the supernatural storyteller, isn’t stopping at Casper. She’s also conjuring up other magical projects like the pilot for Freeform’s “AZNBBGRL” and Netflix’s “The Ghost Bride.” Plus, she’s got her supernatural fingers in Disney+’s upcoming “American Born Chinese.”

So, whether you’re a die-hard Casper fan or just looking for a spook-tastic new series to sink your teeth into, keep your eyes peeled for this ghostly coming-of-age adventure. It’s bound to be a scream!

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