Woman ‘Flabbergasted’ As Plane Passenger Tickles Her Leg With Bare Feet Mid-Flight


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A woman was “truly flabbergasted” when a fellow passenger tickled her leg with their bare foot in the middle of the flight.

It seems we now have to worry about other people’s bare trotters intruding our personal space on aeroplanes, as if lengthy security lines, wailing babies, and the general state of onboard restrooms weren’t enough.

The unfortunate traveller in question, Tivona, who uses the TikTok handle @teatinz, shared her most recent aeroplane drama with her followers, and, well, let’s just say it got quite the response online.

The brief video captures the woman appearing to be rendered dumbfounded by the peculiar encounter as the person behind her managed to stretch out their little piggies all the way beneath her seat before popping out on the other side.

The overlay text read: “I felt something tickle my leg.”

Tivona also noted the mystery foot was ‘cold’ too before adding: “Do you know how far you have to reach your feet to TOUCH the person in front of you?”

The woman captioned the TikTok: “No way people actually do this I’m flabbergasted.”

With million views in just a couple of days since it was posted to the platform, it has suddenly become extremely popular.

A massive amount of comments have been left on the video since it was posted, indicating that Tivona isn’t the only one who is really perplexed by the aeroplane gaffe.

Many were outraged by the ordeal with one TikTok user commenting: “Like why do people do this?!? You’re in a shared space not at home.”

A second added: “New fear unlocked.”

A third jokingly claimed the penalty ‘should be a $5000 fine’.

Others were one step beyond being shocked and actually had a very visceral reaction to the video.

One wrote: “I gagged a bit. Not in the surprised way, but the nauseous way.”

“The way I would throw up…” revealed a second.

Many couldn’t help but but themselves in Tivona’s shoes and imagine what their reactions would be if the same ever happened to them.

“Ooooooh I would’ve kicked back so hard,” penned one.

Another quipped: “I would’ve thrown a whole fit, the whole plane woulda heard me.”

A third echoed: “I would have had to flip the whole entire flight omg you are so much better than me.”

One seasoned traveller offered a somewhat more diplomatic nugget of wisdom: “As someone who flies a lot you should just subtly kick/step on his foot.”

Some observers, however, were more perplexed by the passenger’s positioning’s mechanics and a little more sympathetic towards the “tall people problems.”

“That man’s WHOLE shinbone is stored underneath the seat cuz how,” asked one TikTok user.

A second added: “Tall people problems, tho keep the socks on.”

A third asked: “Did bro not wear socks onto the plane or did bro take them off. I’m so perplexed on why his feet are bare.”

Some, oddly enough, took the time to compliment the mystery passenger’s pedicured tootsies.

One praised: “Looks manicured lol.”

“They are well manicured tho! Hahaha,” pointed out a second.

A final TikTok user resolved: “Barefoot on public transportation is wild but at least his feet weren’t crusty, he looks like he gets them done.”

Now that’s a silver lining if I’ve ever heard one.

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