Passenger Horrified After Woman Left Spit-Filled Cup From Brushing Teeth By Seat For 4 Hours


What would you do if you were sat next to this woman?

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A woman who had been brushing her teeth for four hours straight left a cup filled with spit behind, horrifying one passenger.

With kids shouting, security mayhem, and the filthy onboard restrooms, as if flying couldn’t get any worse, there is now one more thing to add to the list.

Nobody wants to spend the entire flight sitting next to someone whose congealed saliva is sitting on their seat, inhaling the same recycled air that they are, in a crowded cabin full of strangers.

One traveller encountered a shockingly impolite dental hygiene incident in the most recent entry on the Reddit “Passenger Shaming” thread.

On her “14-hour” flight to London, the Reddit user wrote that she was seated next to a “Australian couple.”

They awoke to see “the girl brushing her teeth from her seat” after dozing off during the tiresome journey. 

“Then she proceeded to spit in a cup, shook the toothbrush in the air to dry it out, and kept the cup there for 4h,” the Reddit user continued.

And the kicker?

The loo, according to the dissatisfied traveller, was only ‘three rows in front’ of them and was also ‘free’ at the time.

And it’s obvious that this incidence is neither the first nor the last strange aeroplane mishap to confound a passenger.

One passenger’s complete “flabbergast” reaction came when another traveler’s bare feet mid-flight tickled her leg.

The unfortunate passenger recorded a brief video of the terrifying incident and shared it to TikTok, being clearly shocked throughout.

A passenger in front of her managed to reach all the way under her seat before popping out the other side.

The overlay text read: “I felt something tickle my leg.”

She also noted the mystery foot was ‘cold’ too before adding: “Do you know how far you have to reach your feet to TOUCH the person in front of you?”

The woman captioned the TikTok: “No way people actually do this I’m flabbergasted.”

Oh, and there were numerous other foot-related gaffes, including one where a passenger got even with a woman who ‘kept putting her smelly feet’ under his seat inside the airtight plane.

His answer? Just a tiny bit of Coke had dripped onto the woman’s foot.

Just enough to make your message clear without creating a scene.

I can support that kind of quiet aggression.