Psychic Uri Geller Predicts Aliens Will Join Us On Earth Within 10 To 20 Years


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At the moment, aliens are a hot topic.

Under oath, a former US intelligence official revealed last month that the Pentagon had “non-human bodies” and alien technology.

Then, a Harvard scientist said that he had discovered signs of extraterrestrial life in the Pacific Ocean, 260 miles off the coast of Manus Island.

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He asserted that a meteor that fell in 2014 might truly have been a spacecraft.

All very thrilling, but I’m sure you have to wonder: what does Uri Geller make of it all?

Most of us would turn to the illusionist and self-described psychic for an official opinion on extraterrestrial life. He is famed for purportedly being able to bend spoons with the strength of his mind.

He has long been spreading dire warnings that everything might turn out to be a little bit Independence Day, asserting that aliens are getting ready to make contact and that NASA should be ready for a mass landing.

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And now that he has provided a rough timeline for when the little green men should show up, we can all mark it down in our calendars.

Geller told The Mirror: “I think in the coming 10 to 20 years there will be a landing.”

Thankfully, he reckons the aliens come in peace.

He continued: “It won’t be an invasion. Wherever they come from – I think maybe two or three species out there – if they wanted to destroy us they could.”

The aliens are actually here to give us advice because they are worried about how we are handling things.

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He said: “They’re concerned we might press the red buttons and nuclear bombs will fly. They won’t want our planet destroyed.”

Furthermore, in contrast to the blurry footage of ‘UFOs’ we have seen so far, the aliens truly want to put on quite the show for us.

Geller continued: “There will be a Steven Spielberg type landing. I hope they land somewhere like the White House lawn or the Eiffel Tower.

“It will be the biggest revelation in history – religiously, archaeologically, everything. It will be like finding the Arc of the Covenant.”

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The alleged plan is to launch “a massive disinformation campaign” in an effort to discredit any future “whistleblowers” similar to those who recently appeared before Congress.

It’s unclear exactly how the US government intends to hide a UFO landing on the grounds of the White House or the Eiffel Tower.