A Replica Of Hagrid’s Hut Where You Can Stay


A replica of Hagrid’s Hut – from the Harry Potter series in case you’ve been under a stone over the past Jurassic era – is available for bookings and it looks gothic. At the cost of only £495 per two nights, the cottage is a truly believable replica of the film.

Credit: northsire.co.uk

Well, minimalistic décor does not go well with the wizarding world. A good robe and hat really agree more with stained glass than with clear hardwood floors. And this hut is certainly to agree with your inner – or outer, depending on your sexual orientation – wizard.

The truly Hagridy hut, the Ground’s Keeper Cottage, is set on six acres of farmland in the old English countryside just an hour and a half’s drive from the city of York. It is a remote area perfect for hermits and families alike!

Built by Karl and Carol in 2019, this is only one of the numerous magical accommodations on the same farm which include a Storybook Cottage from the Chronicles of Narnia and a Hobbit Hole based on Lord of the Rings.

Featuring three interlocking circular rooms, the Hagrid inspired groundkeeper’s cottage also has windows with stained glass inspired by the gothic period that inspired the deco across the wizarding world.

The cute cottage can host up to six people containing two bedrooms, one boasting a double bed and a two-child bunk and the second containing a pull out double sofa bed.

It also has a massive kitchen complete with a toaster, a fridge, a combi oven for your potions and a kettle – utensils provided.

Credit: northsire.co.uk

The décor is on point – if you’re into magical decor – with many pots and pans hanging from the ceiling held together by a rope. A purple glow illuminates the ceiling but you can change the colours if purple isn’t Hagrid enough for you.

You can also enjoy yourself in the copper bath or have a nap on the squishy sofas and cushions.

Right in the countryside, there are lots of opportunities for self-care through nature-bathing.

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