Takeshi’s Castle Contestant Reveals Exactly How Much They Got Paid To Play Game Show


Do you remember the iconic game show?

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Remember the wacky mayhem of Takeshi’s Castle? Ah, those were the days! Contestants facing wild challenges, all while being bombarded with footballs from gigantic cannons. And who could forget the “Skipping Stones” game, where stepping stones vanished beneath the water, sending folks splashing spectacularly?

But guess what? One brave soul from the show’s past has spilled the beans on the cash side of things. Hold onto your helmets!

Takeshi’s Castle, hosted in the UK by the legendary Craig Charles, showed contestants taking on the zaniest challenges, like ‘Bridge Ball,’ where they had to navigate a rickety bridge while dodging cannon-fired footballs.

Credit: Takeshi’s Castle

Now, winning was no easy feat. In fact, winning was like finding a unicorn – rare and nearly impossible as there were less than 50 winners. Despite 100 brave souls taking on the show each episode, you’d watch and watch, and still, no one would emerge victorious. But that was all part of the charm!

The show bid us adieu in 2013, but it was only a matter of time before a contestant spilled the beans. And that’s exactly what happened on Reddit, where a former warrior spilled some hot goss.

The unnamed contestant revealed, “All of the contestants received a nominal appearance fee (the equivalent of around $25 U.S. if I remember). They also fed us lunch (sushi and sashimi, of course) and soft drinks.”

Credit: Takeshi’s Castle

£20 to throw yourself into hilarious danger with a snowball’s chance in hell of winning? Sounds like a fantastic day out!

Now, here’s the kicker – the winner’s prize! It was a jaw-dropping $10,000, which, these days, translates to about £7,834 in UK currency. Not too shabby but such a shame that only 36 people won!

Credit: Takeshi’s Castle

But due to popular demand the show is back on Amazon Prime and can be binged watched to your heart’s content! We can’t wait to watch more of our favourite challenges and to see if any contestant can storm the castle!

Watch some of the best moments from the show below:

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