Sonic The Hedgehog 3 – What We Know So Far


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is on its way, as it was confirmed even before the second film was released in theatres.
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Jim Carrey wants Fat Eggman in Sonic 3 revealed in exclusive interview with


The threequel was confirmed by Paramount and Sega in February 2022, a decision that was later justified by the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has done exceptionally well at the box office, grossing more than $400 million to date, making it the 16th ‘Covid-Era’ film to do so.

It’s unclear whether the third film will feature the same creative team that brought the first two films to success – director Jeff Fowler and writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller – but we wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

When Will Sonic 3 Be Released

Despite the fact that Paramount and Sega have confirmed Sonic the Hedgehog 3, there is no official release date for the third film.

The first film was released in February 2020, with the sequel following a little more than two years later in April 2022. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a similarly quick turnaround now that the threequel has been confirmed. Which would lead us to anticipate a release in 2024, keeping our fingers crossed.

Will Keanu Reeves Be In Sonic 3

Keanu Reeves has shown that he is willing to take on interesting and unusual film roles. He voiced Duke Caboom, the daredevil toy in Toy Story 4, in 2019. Reeves appeared as a magical tumbleweed in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run, a CG SpongeBob movie released in 2020.

When compared to those roles, Keanu Reeves would be perfectly cast in Shadow The Hedgehog. Not only would the actor be the best fit for the role, especially given Shadow’s sombre and darker personality, but Keanu Reeves’ star power could be a great marketing asset for Sonic 3 in the same way that Jim Carrey and Idris Elba were for the first two films.

There are a few ways Sonic 3 can go “bananas,” but having Keanu Reeves as Shadow’s voice is the best of them. Aside from being a fun, almost meta casting, Reeves could actually pull off a great Shadow that honours the games but puts a different spin on it, similar to what Elba did with Knuckles.

For all of these reasons, Keanu Reeves as Shadow in Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is an idea that should be realised.

Most Anticipated Movie Releases: Coming 2024

For all you film junkies out there, here is the most up to date list of movie releases for 2024. They boast a wealth of variety. From explosive action, including beloved superhero films, Disney live action titles and even a few prequels and sequels to some of our favourite franchises. Get your calendar to hand because it’s going to be a year packed of movie must sees!

Some movies are yet to confirm release dates but have already teased us with a set photos like with Joker: Folie à Deux poster.

Before we get too carried away with what’s to come in 2024. Here are ALL movies still to come in 2023!

Movie Releases January 2024

Movie Releases February 2024

Spin-off from Spider-Man centering on a clairvoyant mutant named Madame Web.

Starring Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney and Emma Roberts

Movie Releases March 2024

The fourth installment in the Kung Fu Panda franchise with Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Seth Rogen lending their voices to the characters.

A Quiet Place: Day One is a spin-off prequel, and the third overall installment of the A Quiet Place film series set to star Emily Blunt, Joseph Quinn and Lupita Nyong’o.

The two monsters return in an epic battle movie.

The Disney live action starring Rachel Zegler as Snow White and Gal Gadot as The Evil Queen.

Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse is the final installment in the Mile Morales animated saga.

Movie Releases April 2024

Robert Pattinson stars in this Sci-Fi film about a man sent on an impossible mission.

Movie Releases May 2024

The untold story behind Helm’s Deep, the fortress at the center of The Two Towers film.

A new Marvel movie showing the adventures of Falcon, formerly the wingman of Captain America played by Anthony Mackie.

A new Planet of the Apes film is coming following on from the others in the series.

Movie Releases June 2024

Ana De Armas stars as a ballerina assassin who is on a mission to find and kill the murderers of her family.

A adventure inside the head of now-teenager Riley—who may or may not be feeling all kinds of new Emotions that we can’t wait to experience. Familiar faces return with some new cast additions.

Tom Cruise returns in part two of his Mission Impossible Reckoning saga.

Movie Releases July 2024

Gru, the minions and the gurlssss will be back in the fourth installment of the Despicable me franchise!

Simba, having become king of the Pride Lands, is determined for his cub to follow in his paw prints while the origins of his late father Mufasa are explored.

Twisters is coming back…will it be a sequel? Who knows but we’re excited!

A group of supervillains are recruited to go on missions for the government.

Movie Releases August 2024

A family invited to spend a weekend in an idyllic country house, go from a dream vacation to a psychological nightmare.

Movie Releases September 2024

A new addition to the Marvel cinematic universe focusing on Blade the vampire hunter!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice RETURNS! The original cast are returning for this sequel alongside some new faces most famously Jenna Ortega!

Movie Releases October 2024

Returning to his role of the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is joined by Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.

Movie Releases November 2024

Ryan Reynolds will once again be playing the anti hero Deadpool and will be joined by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

A sequel to The Passion of the Christ focuses on the events that occurred three days between the crucifixion and resurrection when Jesus Christ descended to Abraham’s Bosom to preach and resurrect Old Testament saints.

Not much is well known about the new Gladiator but the cast is looking incredible featuring Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal and Connie Nielson.

Movie Releases December 2024

The third installment in the Avatar franchise will take us back to Pandora for a beautiful cinematic experience!

Eggman is back to cause more mayhem for the titular character and his friends!

There are so many new films coming out in 2024 that we are SO excited for and we can’t wait to see more! We will keep this list updated so make sure to check back regularly to see all the latest film news here at Film Junkie!