Netflix ‘Troll’ Sequel Is Officially In The Works


A Netflix sequel is on the way!

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If you thought last year’s “Troll” was a wild ride, just wait until you hear this: Netflix has officially ordered a sequel to the Norwegian blockbuster, and director Roar Uthaug is at the helm once again, ready to unleash a whole new level of troll-tastic chaos!

For those of you who missed the epic mountain-shaking adventure of “Troll,” let me catch you up. The first film followed the heart-pounding aftermath of an explosion in the stunning Norwegian mountains. But this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill avalanche or a simple fireworks display gone wrong. Oh no, this explosion did something far more spectacular—it woke up an ancient troll!

Credit: Netflix ‘The Troll’

Picture this: you’re minding your own business, maybe sipping on some hot cocoa in your cozy Norwegian cabin, when suddenly, BOOM! An explosion rocks the mountains, and out pops a grumpy, centuries-old troll, probably not in the mood for cocoa or polite conversation.

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The troll-tastic tale unfolds as a fearless paleontologist steps up to the plate, ready to take on this massive, mythic menace. It’s a clash of the modern scientific world meets ancient folklore, and boy, does it make for some seriously thrilling cinema!

Credit: Netflix ‘The Troll’

With a record-breaking 103,000,000 views in its first 91 days after its global 2022 debut, “Troll” immediately rose to the position of the streamer’s most well-liked non-English film of all time. The epic film also reached the top of the charts in Norway, the United States, and the United Kingdom, as well as in 93 other nations.

Now, you might be wondering, what can we expect from the sequel? Well, we don’t have all the juicy details just yet, but one thing’s for sure—Roar Uthaug is a master of cinematic mayhem, and he’s got some epic troll surprises up his sleeve.

Credit: Netflix ‘The Troll’

Will our intrepid paleontologist return for another round of troll-taming? Or will we meet a whole new crew of fearless adventurers ready to take on these mountain-dwelling monstrosities? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: you’ll want to keep your eyes glued to your Netflix queue for this one.

So, get ready to journey back to the stunning Norwegian wilderness, where the mountains are tall, the trolls are ancient, and the action is bigger and bolder than ever before. Netflix has heard our troll-filled cries for more, and they’re answering the call with a sequel that promises to rock your world, quite literally.

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