Meghan Markle ‘Suits’ Breaks Netflix Record


The Lawyer focused series is breaking records!

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It’s quite uncommon for a TV programme to continue to draw huge audiences long after it has ended. With so many new series being added to streaming platforms every month, it is uncommon whereas shows like Friends develop a cult, nostalgic appeal in the modern times.

Although there will undoubtedly be latecomers who will rave about how they are only now getting into Game of Thrones, Schitt’s Creek and Breaking Bad audience figures will certainly suffer.

Credit: Netflix ‘Suits’

However it appears that the show Suits appears to be defying that trend despite originally airing in 2011 and finishing in 2019. 

As he tries to escape a botched heroin transaction, college dropout Mike Ross (Adams) finds himself working with one of New York City’s top attorneys and thus begins the series of Suits!

Despite the fact that we haven’t seen the courtroom drama for four years, viewers seem to be binge-watching it like never before and have been engrossed with it since Netflix launched it earlier this year.

According to Nielsen statistics, over the past two months, 26.5 billion minutes of Suits have been seen on Netflix and Peacock.

Watch a clip from episode 1 below:

More than three billion minutes had been watched during the seventh week and so according to Variety, the programme is the first in TV history to run for this long above three billion minutes! Amazing news for the show!

With 35.5 billion minutes seen, Stranger Things has the most minutes watched overall but for a show that finished 4 years ago it’s a brilliant achievement!

The series features the actress Meghan Markle who is now married to Prince Harry. While many people have avoided the show because of her, her acting role has definitely brought a lot of audience to the series.

Credit: Netflix ‘Suits’

It just goes to show that series of the past CAN and ARE definitely still being watched and beloved by audiences of today!