Gossip Girl Reboot With Original Cast Is Coming


Could the hit show be back once more?

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The Gossip Girl official X account has hinted to a relaunch with the original cast comprising of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chase Crawford and Taylor Momsen.

Credit: Gossip Girl

The post included a “welcome back” greeting and a picture of the six main players.

“Welcome back, Upper East Siders. After a long time away, I see it didn’t take much time for you to dirty up the clean slates I gave you.” the post read along with the cast image showing all 6 of the principle actors from the 2010’s clt classic show!

Fans believe there is only one viable explanation, which is that a reboot starring the original cast is imminent.

The internet is confused if that is the case.

On HBO Max, a brand-new cast-reboot series debuted in 2021 but it was abandoned after just two seasons due to low ratings and bad reviews. The original cast is held in high regard as being in one of the best shows during the 2010’s and had a mass following surrounding the fictional lives of the 6 characters plagued by the rumours and secrets revealed by XOXO Gossip Girl!

Credit: Gossip Girl

Last year, Westwick said he was open to reprising his role as bad boy Chuck Bass for a possible reunion when speaking to The Daily Mail.

‘I wouldn’t say no. It would be cool! I don’t know if that’s a direction they could go in though! It blows my mind and it feels crazy to have been a part of something so big. It was a big part of my life back then and it still is, and now with the reboot a whole generation get to enjoy it.’

Would you like to see a Gossip girl reboot? It certainly could be interesting to see where the characters are now and what they have been up to since we last saw them, not to mention what happened to our favourite gossip girl XOXO