Margot Robbie Is Offered £250,000 By Company To Send Photos Of Her Feet


The Barbie actress is getting some odd requests!

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Hold onto your socks, because Margot Robbie might just be about to STEP into a whole new world of cash – thanks to her feet!

That’s right, the Aussie sensation is already raking in around $50 million from her Barbie blockbuster, but there’s another offer on the table that’s, well, a little more “down to earth.”

Credit: Barbie by Warner Brothers

The folks over at Fun With Feet, a platform dedicated to foot lovers, have extended a golden invitation to Margot. They’re not just offering a foot in the door; they’re willing to pay top dollar – a whopping £250,000 to be precise!

Liz, the brains behind Fun with Feet, penned a letter to Margot, saying, “My name is Liz, and I make thousands selling feet pics on Fun With Feet… I also look a lot like you. Barbie is all women, but we really are Barbie – Stereotypical Barbie, anyway.”

Liz’s vision? To team up with Margot for some Barbie-inspired foot content that could make them both millions! With a starting bonus of £250K, they aim to capitalize on their uncanny likeness and the world’s insatiable obsession with all things Barbie – all thanks to their feet!

Credit: Barbie by Warner Brothers

Liz is convinced that their partnership would be a hit, especially since her customers already flock to her because of her striking resemblance to Margot (and Barbie). Apparently, stereotypical Barbie’s feet are a goldmine! Plus, the beauty of online foot content is that it keeps making money passively – because, as Liz puts it, “ideas live forever.”

So, if Margot decides to dip her toes into this exciting venture, she can simply contact the Fun with Feet team, and together, they can create some blockbuster foot content that the world never knew it needed.

Credit: Barbie by Warner Brothers

But wait, there’s more! Margot’s Barbie co-star, Ryan Gosling, isn’t left out of the fun either. Liz has her sights set on the Canadian heartthrob, hoping he’ll grace the platform with some tantalizing toe pics. She’s envisioning a foot-fetish-friendly “Kenland” – a paradise for her customers – where she and Ryan can co-create some Ken and Barbie-themed foot content that could rake in millions!

Credit: Barbie by Warner Brothers

Liz wrapped up her letter with a cheeky sign-off, “we were made for this.”

So, while it might not quite match their Hollywood earnings, this foot-focused adventure could be a delightful addition to their bank accounts. After all, when life hands you a chance to make some foot-tastic cash, why not kick up your heels and give it a try?

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