A Majority Of Women Feel It’s A Huge ‘Red Flag’ If A Man Refuses To Watch Barbie Movie


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Hold onto your pink hats movie fans, because the Barbie movie craze isn’t just about entertainment—it’s also reshaping the dating game. As Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling teamed up to bring Barbie and Ken to life on the big screen, they inadvertently unleashed a new dating litmus test.

In the glittery world of 2023, where Barbie reigns supreme, it’s not just a film; it’s a phenomenon. And it’s so big that it’s inspiring memes, sparking social chatter, and, most interestingly, becoming a litmus test for budding relationships.

Credit: Warner Brothers ‘Barbie’

Change Research decided to dive deep into this captivating phenomenon by surveying over 1,000 individuals aged 18 to 34. They wanted to know what raised red flags when it came to potential partners. The results were a rollercoaster of insights, but the real shocker was how many women found it utterly cringeworthy if their date refused to watch the Barbie movie.

A jaw-dropping 53 percent of women considered it a major red flag if their potential partner turned down a viewing of the Greta Gerwig-directed flick. Gentlemen, it seems like this is less of an issue for you, with only 31 percent of guys giving it a thumbs-down.

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For women, though, the biggest “ick” came from a partner identifying as a MAGA Republican (76 percent), closely followed by having no hobbies (66 percent), and shouting “All Lives Matter” from the rooftops (60 percent). Other concerns included denying the existence of more than two genders (58 percent), being a conversation dud (58 percent), being a communist (55 percent), or being a Joe Rogan podcast enthusiast (55 percent).

Men, on the other hand, danced to a different beat. Their top “ick” factor was a partner identifying as a communist (64 percent), followed by having no hobbies (60 percent), proudly flaunting the MAGA Republican badge (59 percent), being a conversation wallflower (42 percent), or obsessing over astrology (41 percent).

But here’s the kicker: the Barbie movie red flag is no new concept. It seems that several savvy ladies have already been applying this litmus test to their relationships. Some brave souls on TikTok have been vocal about their convictions. One user simply said, “Take your boyfriend to Barbie; if he doesn’t get it…dump him.”

Credit: Warner Brothers ‘Barbie’

Another TikToker issued a stern warning: “If you’re dating a man and he doesn’t like the Barbie movie, you need to break up with him.” To which a wise woman added, “Agreed. He is not Kenough for you.”

Someone even suggested that taking your boyfriend to see Barbie should be the ultimate relationship test to decide if he’s a keeper for the long haul. Now, that’s some Barbie-powered relationship wisdom!

So, there you have it, folks. In the world of dating in 2023, a refusal to embrace the Barbie movie might just be the ultimate dealbreaker. Barbie and Ken have spoken, and they demand you see the movie!

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