Disney Releases Trailer For 100th Anniversary Movie ‘Wish’


The new movie from Disney comes out this November!

Disney just dropped some magical news that’ll have you wishing upon a star in no time. Get ready to be dazzled by their latest animated extravaganza, “Wish”!

This new movie takes us Disney fans off on an adventure to a whimsical kingdom called Rosas, where dreams come true. In the heart of this enchanting land lives Asha, a quick-witted dreamer with a heart as big as the sky.

She’s about to make a wish so powerful, even the stars can’t resist granting it! And guess what? They send down a tiny, bouncing ball of endless energy named Star to make it happen.

Credit: Disney’s ‘Wish’

But hold onto your fairy godmother, because there’s trouble brewing in Rosas! The ruler of the kingdom, King Magnifico, isn’t exactly on Team Wish.

Our dynamic duo, Asha and Star, are up against the ultimate baddie to save their beloved community. It’s a classic tale of courage and magic, where one brave human and a cosmic spark unite to create something truly wondrous.

Watch The Trailer Here:

Now, let’s talk about the stellar cast bringing this enchanting story to life. First up, we’ve got the incredible Ariana DeBose, who’s got an Academy Award on her shelf, lending her voice to Asha. And who’s this King Magnifico, you ask? None other than the dashing Chris Pine!

But wait, it gets even better – the hilarious Alan Tudyk is voicing Asha’s favorite goat, Valentino. Yep, you read that right, a goat with a sense of humor!

Disney has sprinkled even more stardust on the cast. Angelique Cabral will be Queen Amaya, King Magnifico’s partner in crime…oops, we mean partner in ruling the kingdom. Then there’s Victor Garber as Sabino, Asha’s grandpa, who’s been patiently waiting 100 years for his wish. Talk about dedication! And let’s not forget Natasha Rothwell, who plays Asha’s loving and supportive mom, Sakina.

Jennifer Kumiyama is Dahlia, the queen of baking and leader of their gang. Evan Peters is Simon, the strong guy with an even stronger yawn. Niko Vargas is Hal, the always-smiling, joyful buddy. Della Saba is Bazeema, who might seem shy but is full of surprises. And last but not least, Jon Rudnitsky is Dario, Asha’s rosy-cheeked, wiggly-eared pal.

So, mark your calendars, set your wishes free, and get ready for a whimsical journey to the magical kingdom of Rosas in Disney’s “Wish.” It’s a tale of dreams, friendship, and the incredible power of believing in the impossible. Don’t miss it, because this one’s going to be a wish come true!


Disney Confirm Rachel Zegler Has NOT Been Axed As Snow White

A tempest of rumors has enveloped Rachel Zegler, the Snow White actress, in an unsettling cloud of uncertainty. Reports of her being fired and replaced have sent shockwaves through the entertainment world. But what lies beneath this shroud of speculation? Here’s an unfiltered glimpse into the unfolding drama.

The Turmoil:

The whispers began to circulate, hinting at Rachel Zegler’s abrupt departure from Disney’s Snow White reboot. It seemed like a harsh verdict, and fans held their breath in anticipation.

The Verdict:

Contrary to the disquieting rumors, Rachel Zegler has not been unceremoniously ousted from Disney’s Snow White reboot. The truth behind this dramatic twist leads us to Daniel RPK’s recent claim that her character faced a recasting in Paddington 3. However, the web of misunderstanding has woven a narrative suggesting that Zegler’s time as Snow White has been cruelly severed.

The Real Story:

In reality, Rachel Zegler’s involvement with Snow White remains unshaken. The casting shuffle in Paddington 3 occurred due to the tumultuous backdrop of the SAG-AFTRA strikes. This development had no bearing on her role as Snow White.

The Revelation:

Rachel Zegler’s path as Snow White in the 2024 remake is untouched by the turbulence surrounding Paddington 3. The relentless strikes may have rattled the film industry, but they have not wavered Zegler’s commitment to her “terrifying” role.

The Final Word:

Let it be known that Rachel Zegler shall not be supplanted as Snow White. To contemplate such a change at this juncture would necessitate a herculean effort, including extensive reshoots that would drain both coffers and calendars. Snow White, now in the throes of post-production, is steadfastly moving toward its scheduled arrival on March 22, 2024.

For those yearning for a sneak peek into Rachel Zegler’s transformation into the beloved character, set photos offer a tantalizing glimpse of the live-action remake. Furthermore, Gal Gadot, poised to embody the malevolent Evil Queen, tantalizes us with hints of her performance.

As the storm subsides, one thing remains clear: Rachel Zegler’s Snow White journey remains intact, ready to enchant audiences in the not-so-distant future.