World Of Barbie Immersive Tour Comes To Toronto


In an immersive experience, MATTEL is bringing Barbie’s dream house to communities across North America.


Visitors to Barbie’s neighbourhood will be able to wander through and down the streets to see the dream house.

The Barbie dream house was first designed in 1962 and today allows people of all ages to enter their childhood playground.

A lifesize replica of Barbie’s pink camper van, a patio, and a faux swimming pool will be among the other attractions.

When is it happening?

Barbie’s dream house will travel to New York, Dallas, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, according to People. The tour will begin in Toronto, Ontario in July 2022.

More cities are expected to be added, although tour dates have yet to be announced.

Why is this going on tour?

The Barbie dream house will provide a sense of nostalgia for fans who grew up with the playset and will bring back memories of their childhood, the CEO of Kilburn Live, Mark Manuel told People.

For younger Barbie fans, Manuel said this is an opportunity for people of all ages to immerse themselves in Barbie’s world.

“Stepping into Barbie’s real-life dream house, being transported to Malibu, sitting down in her camper van…there’s no age limit to that,” Manuel said.

“You also have an older generation who’s going to walk through and be brought back to their childhood days,” he added.


ulie Freeland is the Senior Director of Location-Based Entertainment at Mattel, and she said Barbie provided a connection with fans through her corporate-level aspirations.

“Barbie has had so many firsts, and has had so many different careers,” Freeland told People. 

“We hope that they leave truly feeling inspired and feeling like [they] can do anything.”

Tickets are available on the World Of Barbie website. You can find all other updates on here too.

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