UFO Hunter Says Spaceship ‘Too Big To Move’ Is Being Stored Under Major Landmark


UFO hunter has found a spaceship!

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According to a UFO hunter, there is a massive spaceship hidden behind a significant landmark somewhere in the world since it is “too big to move.”

So the theory goes that there may be a huge alien spacecraft among us, entirely unknown to us, in a location that people may be familiar with.

However, due to its size, it cannot be relocated.

Feel plausible to you?

Let’s hear him out then…

Ross Coulthart is a bit of a UFO expert, and he’s been speaking to the Project Unity YouTube channel, where he explained: “Some of these objects are not capable of being moved because they’re too bloody big.”

The ‘non human’ spacecraft is currently being hidden beneath a purpose built structure, according to Coulthart, and the author – who has written a book called In Plain Sight – added: “I know exactly where it is. I thought it was b*****ks when I heard it, too.”

There has undoubtedly been some bustle in the UFO hunting community about the possibility that a massive spaceship is concealed somewhere in the world, with individuals eager to learn where it is.

Then, what are the theories?

Well, some people appear to think it’s in South Korea, while others feel it’s probably in an air defence base.

Coulthart has some experience with this kind of stuff; earlier this year, he garnered some attention after conducting an interview with a whistleblower who claimed that the US military is in possession of many crashed spacecrafts and even alien bodies.

If true, that is major news.

The claims made by David Grusch are also being examined seriously.

In fact, a US government hearing on them is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

Coulthart has also lately asserted that there are videos of ‘spherical’ UFOs flying alongside US military jets during training, and that they have been observed above ‘nuclear sites, military stations all across the continental United States and indeed in the Middle East’.

If you want to get technical, these phenomena are referred to as UAPs, or unidentified aerial phenomena.

Four objects were seen in the sky, but only one of them turned out to be that Chinese spy balloon when Coulthart made these claims.

Coulthart gave Sky News an explanation of his reasons for thinking the footage isn’t being released.

He said: “I’ve interviewed pilots from the east and west coast of the United States that have been on training exercises where they’ve literally looked across from the cockpit of their aircraft and they’ve seen spherical objects off their right wing.

“They’ve video them and given them to their commanders and those videos are still being kept confidential.”

The truth is out there, folks.

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