The Longest Walkable Distance On Earth That No-one Has Ever Completed


There is still one voyage in the world that needs someone to accept the challenge and complete it.

Since humans have pretty well explored the majority of the world, there aren’t many adventures left to be had on Earth.

One obstacle, however, has yet to be overcome and is only waiting for someone with the strength, tenacity, and about a year of free time to achieve it.

It’s an improvement over the man who walked from London to Birmingham “for a laugh,” but if another fight with his wife arises, the man who walked 450 kilometres may find it useful as a means of escape.

A route connecting Cape Town, South Africa, and the port city of Magadan, in the far east of Russia, is the longest walking distance in the world that no one is known to have successfully completed.

Nobody else on Earth has ever completed this trek, which is one of the world’s longest walking lengths and is only surpassed by the route your parents allegedly took to get to school each day.


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If you decide to make this brave adventure, you’ll need to pack a few different outfits because you’ll have to endure everything from blazing desert heat to trudging through icy Siberia.

This astounding journey is 22,387 kilometres long, which, if you walked continuously and did not stop, would take you 187 days.

Even the most resilient among us occasionally need to take a little nap, thus travelling this distance would likely take you a year or more as you pass several countries.

As a small benefit, since you’ll need to board a ferry to traverse the Suez Canal, you’ll get to rest your tired legs once.

That is, unless another ship accidentally rams into it; in that case, you might be able to use that as a makeshift bridge and just walk the whole way.

It might also be a bit of a tricky path to walk considering it takes you through some of the more conflicted regions in the world.

Your route would have you marching through the Middle East and take you near the Russian border with Ukraine where Vladimir Putin’s troops are currently trying to invade.

There really isn’t any sort of reward for completing the gargantuan distance apart from the experiences you’ll have along the way and being able to one-up almost anyone else’s story at a party.

The only people who would have bragging rights over you are those who’ve managed to walk the Pan-American Highway between Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina.

That’s a very small list of people, but imagine how disappointed you’d be to tell your incredible tale only for it to be outdone by someone else.

One thing’s for certain, if you walked this road your feet would be really tired by the end.