Should I Visit Winter Wonderland (London, UK) This Year?


Just a few weeks away from the big day, we’re all starting to get in the festive spirit but as you get bored of your local Christmas Market, there’s only one way to step up the Christmas vibes and go all out.

Yes, I’m talking about Winter Wonderland, the *ultimate* Christmas market. Maybe you’ve succumbed to the pressure in the past and already taken a visit, or maybe you’re desperate to go.

Here’s a taste of what it’s like this year, to help you decide whether it’s worth the trip.

Entry Fee

First of all, there’s the small matter of getting into Hyde Park, London, UK, where Winter Wonderland is taking place. You’ll be pleased to hear that entry is a rather reasonable £5 each, getting up to £7.50 at peak times. Granted, that does not include any attractions, and when you think about it, it’s quite crazy that we pay simply to enter a Christmas Market. However, it’s Christmas and it is worth it, purely for the magical atmosphere, even if all you get to do for that price is wander around and take in the sights.

Important Reminder: You will NEED to book this year to get in!


Winter Wonderland is known for its super cool rides that separate it from your ordinary Christmas Market. Its Giant Wheel is basically a knock-off London Eye, giving you an alternative view of the city, but for £9 each per ride on this Ferris wheel (plus more for Fast Track), you’d probably be better off riding the actual London Eye. 

The Ferris wheel illuminated. Photo: Caoimhe Staunton via Unsplash

There are some more exciting and unique rides on offer too, such as Eurocoaster, Ice Mountain, and Wilde Maus. For £6 or £7 a go, these thrilling rides are much more justifiable, even if they are pretty similar to those you find at your local fair. It’s only Christmas once a year, so why not allow yourself a slightly overpriced adrenaline rush?

Speaking of adrenaline, there are of course a few extreme rides at Winter Wonderland that’ll really get the blood pumping. If you’re brave enough, have a ride on XXL, the swinging pendulum ride, for £8, or try out Hangover, the whopping 85m tall drop tower.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are some more child-friendly rides, including an Ice Slide for £5, and a Helter Skelter you can zoom down for just £3. 

The classic Helter Skelter. Photo:  Daphné Be Frenchie via Unsplash

Overall there’s a pretty good ride selection, and unless you’re planning to have a Thorpe Park-style ride-until-you-drop kind of day, then pushing the boat out to one or two rides seems achievable.

Food and Drink

If you’re planning on eating at Winter Wonderland, it may be a good idea to pre-book, as they have a few deals on. The Bavarian Village is the main food hub, offering a Bratwurst sausage and soft drink for £9.50. Elsewhere, the Street Food Village has plenty of options. With pizza, Mac n Cheese, Fish, Paella, Halal, and BBQ stalls, you’ll truly be spoiled for choice.

Now onto the most important factor (for some of us at least): bars. Winter Wonderland hosts many festive drinking spots, including The Arctic Lodge, Thor’s Tipi, and a Carousel Bar that spins while you drink. By far the most popular though, is Bar Ice – a bar made from ice, just like the name would suggest. Quite a spectacle, Bar Ice requires booking, but for your £15 entry fee, you will also receive a free cocktail. Cheers!

Hot Chocolates are on the menu too. Photo: Najla Cam via Unsplash


It goes without saying that Winter Wonderland has stalls that are ready to sell you all the festive goods you never knew you needed. There are 100 to be precise, so come with plenty of space to take things home with you!

A candy floss stall. Photo: Devon Rogers via Unsplash

Other activities

It wouldn’t be Winter Wonderland without an ice rink, would it? Costing around £15 for adults and £10 for kids, you can take part in the quintessential Christmas hobby – and where better to do it than skating around a bandstand in the heart of Hyde Park.

Winter Wonderland also boasts not one, but two different Circus shows, which may be worth a watch if you have young kids to keep entertained. Both centred around acrobat stunts instead of clowns, you’ll be able to book tickets to each of these daring shows for around £15 for adults, or £12 for kids.

The Verdict

Whilst it doesn’t look like too much has changed at Winter Wonderland this year, the same attractions still seem to entice people back again and again. We don’t blame them, as it really does feel like the embodiment of Christmas when you’re there. If you have the ability this year to go all out and splash the cash on attractions, you’re sure to have an incredible time, but even on a budget, there are enough beautiful sights to see around the park. Winter Wonderland may not be an essential trip this winter, but if you do it right, it’ll certainly be a fun one.

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