Salt Bae Is Charging £630 For A Steak, £9 For Coca-Cola And Londoners Are Shocked


Remember the meme of a dark-haired bun butcher wearing sunglasses indoors while seasoning steaks in a peculiar fashion? Well, the meme’s name is Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae. He is now one of the biggest celebrity chefs in the world and, in September, he opened a new steakhouse in London, Nusr-Et Steakhouse.

So many questions surround the opening of Salt Bae’s new restaurant: is it worth it? Should we all re-mortgage the house and pay the restaurant a visit? How does Salt Bae see through his sunglasses at night time?

However, what is really getting people worried these days – besides a global pandemic and climate change, of course – are the shockingly high prices charged at Salt Bae’s restaurant.

User Jamz shared his dinner bill on Twitter gathering nearly 25k likes. The bill lists a ‘Giant Tomahawk’ steak for a whopping £630 and 2 Coca-Colas for £18. Twitter is mad, the internet is on absolute fire and the comments are fun.

Google Reviews are a particularly insightful source of banter:

Former ‘The Only Way is Essex’ Gemma Collins visited the restaurant and shared her positive experiences on Instagram.

For each positive comment on Collins’ post, however, there is a negative one. People seem comfortable paying high prices for a pair of sneakers, but golden steak is really where we draw the line as a society:

On her podcast, Collins corrected those who said £700 for beef was too much:

 “The bill was another situation, I was in utter shock. But you have to weigh these things up, the press reported that my steak cost £700, if only they knew.

“I wish it cost £700. It actually cost £1,450.”

The food quality at the restaurant is a different matter. According to a review by the Standard, the £630 steak, contrary to the rest of the menu, is actually good. It is also £630.

But not all is lost and out of the bad comes some good.

After she visited the steakhouse, Collins donated many of her bras to charity in an attempt to “give some good back to the universe”.

Jamz, whose receipt went viral on Twitter is now using the popularity of his tweet to ask people to donate to a charity.

With all those charity donations pouring in after people feel bad for going to the restaurant, maybe Salt Bae’s extortionate prices are, ultimately, a force for good.