New Drone Footage Of ‘Bigfoot’ Described As The Best Evidence Yet


This is the best footage of Bigfoot anyone has ever seen!

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Bigfoot’s enigma has been discussed for many years and has frequently been brought up in conjunction with UFO discussions.

While there is no evidence that Bigfoot genuinely exists, similar to UFOs, it frequently turns out to be a man dressed as an animal after an encounter is reported.

Even still, the fervour for finding the creature doesn’t seem to be fading; in fact, some people’s occupations are to search for Bigfoot.

An uninterrupted stream of ‘footage’ from alleged sightings of the gigantic beast has been documented, adding to the parallels to UFOs.

Part of the video that Kens Karpentry had initially published to YouTube was re-uploaded by The Paranormal Chic, a well-known influencer on TikTok.

And as you could have guessed from the name, she talks to her staggering audience on everything creepy.

The TikToker simply stated “Bigfoot is real” in her on-screen comment before expressing her admiration for Ken’s drone footage of the creature and thanking her fans.

he said: “It’s one of the best recordings of what looks to be like a Bigfoot caught on camera.”

The footage shows a drone camera flying over a snow-filled forest in the US, with Ken gasping and saying: “What in the world? What is that?”

The camera zooms in on a towering, hairy figure going through the forest that closely resembles Bigfoot as his shock grows.

“No way. Are you serious?” Ken adds, as the drone closes in on Bigfoot, and more details surrounding the creature are revealed.

Many Bigfoot believers used the TikTok comment area to claim that the video is “evidence” that the creature exists.

“I believe it. but if you have a drone drop it closer to the ground next time for better angle,” one person wrote.

Despite the footage, others were not convinced, with one non-believer penning: “Still not convinced. Its reaction to a foreign sound isn’t true. Bigfoot is so elusive and a foreign sound like that drone would scare it off I think.”

However, many people who saw the TikTok had not also watched the YouTube version of the drone footage.

Now, if you watch that, Ken acknowledges that the video is a joke.

So, it appears the hunt for Bigfoot continues.

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