Man Who’s Visited More Than 1,600 Pubs Was Not Prepared For Sticky Vicky’s Benidorm Boozer


This man got the shock of his life!

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Even the guy who has visited more than 1,600 bars wasn’t prepared for Benidorm’s illustrious Sticky Vicky’s pub.

Recently, Dale Harvey and his buddies travelled to the Spanish resort for his stag do.

The fella and fiancé Holly Booth are actually travelling to visit every pub in the UK, so it was only fitting that he also visited a few bars abroad too.

Brits love to vacation in Benidorm, which is frequently referred to as the “most British” region of Spain. And there are a tonne of British bars and pubs there.

Naturally, one of the most well-known attractions in the area—Sticky Vicky’s performance—is also included in all of this.

She performs ‘vaginal magic’ in the X-rated show, showing how to remove various objects, allegedly including razors, from her vagina.

And one of Sticky Vicky’s best-known tricks includes popping out ping pong balls – which she can aim (and land) into cups.

The Red Lion hosted a “adult magic show,” so Dale dropped by.

The pub, he claimed to the Daily Star, was “packed out with people cheering.”

The pub-aficionado said: “It’s certainly the strangest experience you’ll probably ever have when going into a pub for a drink.”

Dale was undoubtedly unprepared for the performance at the Red Lion, and to be fair, we can’t fathom seeing a woman licking a broom in our neighbourhood Red Lion. Well, not when it was intended to.

Amazed by the Benidorm pub, the husband-to-be added: “It’s like nothing we’ve got in this country.”

Sticky Vicky has supposedly been performing six shows a night almost every day of the week in her prime for quite some time in the Spanish resort area.

The original, who was 80 years old, retired in 2015, only a few days before getting a new hip replacement.

Vicky Leyton is the affectionate nickname given to Victoria Mara Aragues Gadea (real name)

She received a uterine cancer diagnosis in 2016 and fully recovered.

Maria, her daughter, now performs as Sticky Vicky.

Star Wars was a theme in the version Dale saw, but he described it as “absolutely scarring.”

He and his fiance had originally intended to visit every location in Nottinghamshire during their year-and-a-half-long pub-hopping trip.

This included exploring the nation, and the couple intends to celebrate their wedding in a pub in September.

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