Man Banned From Entering Sea Following Arrest For Trying To Cross Ocean In Human-Powered Hamster Wheel


It was a three day stand off!

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Following his arrest for attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a human-sized hamster ball, a Florida man has been forbidden from swimming in the ocean.

Reza Ray Baluchi, an Iranian-American athlete and activist, was apprehended on September 1 when the US Coast Guard found him 70 nautical miles off Tybee Island, Georgia.

Baluchi was spotted travelling towards London in a motorised, human-sized hamster wheel.

Baluchi reportedly tried to cross the Atlantic in his ‘bubble’ more than once before, thus it is not believed to have been the first time the activist had been stopped in mid-sea.

Baluchi and police reportedly engaged in a three-day standoff during his most recent attempt until he was brought back to land and apprehended on September 1.

Officers found that Baluchi’s somewhat ambitious journey was “manifestly unsafe” and that he lacked registration to operate the human-sized hamster ball.

Documents state that Baluchi was instructed by the Coast Guard to abandon his boat, but the Florida resident resisted.

If the USCG officials tried to remove him, [“He] retorted that he was equipped with a 12-inch knife and would attempt suicide.

Additionally, according to the paper, Baluchi threatened that he would set off a bomb if he was removed.

In a lawsuit submitted on Friday, September 1 to the US District Court for Southern Florida, Baluchi was accused of obstructing boarding and disobeying a captain of the port order. 

His appearance bond was set at $250,000 (£200,000), according to court records, but it comes with a series of requirements that he must adhere to.

Unfortunately, according to court documents, he is not permitted to “go to the ocean or board a vessel on the ocean.”

Baluchi may be prohibited from entering the sea at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be able to do so in the future.

It follows Baluchi’s previous expedition, which also ended in disaster in 2021.

In his human-powered ball, he had made an attempt to travel to New York in that year.

Baluchi intended to set off from St. Augustine, Florida, on a three- to four-week voyage up to the US metropolis. 

Baluchi’s voyage was unfortunately cut short when he discovered that his constructed ball, called a “hydro pod,” was missing his GPS and charging cords. As a result, he gave up and landed in Flagler County, Florida.

Man Travelled Around The World Impregnating Women, Plans To Father 2,500 Children

To impregnate women globally, a man who wants to father 2,500 children travels and have unprotected sex with numerous women around the world.

A man from the US has been travelling the world and getting women pregnant with the aim of fathering 2,500 women.

Under the name “Joe Donor,” he has been doing this since 2008 and has already fathered more than 160 children. He has already visited Argentina, the Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, America, and Italy.

He responds to women who contact him on social media with a number of methods for getting them pregnant.

He does not collect a fee in return but instead requests that the recipients cover his expenses.

When questioned if there were “too many little Joes” in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia in 2019, he responded:

“No, I worked out the math and in the United States I would have like a limit of maybe 2,500. And I’m nowhere near that. So there’s no problem.”

I’m averaging about 10 a year. Hopefully, I live that long, but I don’t think so.

Stephen Paige, a lawyer, and expert in family and fertility issues criticized Joe’s actions: “He’s really playing the role of God, and he shouldn’t be playing the role of God towards desperate women and their kids. I just think he’s mad and dangerous, and these women shouldn’t be going anywhere near him.

The American’s moral behavior was investigated by 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes after she stated he didn’t seem to care about the women he was supplying sperm to.

In his opinion, “a woman will die a spinster without a child,” was the greater risk.

The research also revealed that “Joe” transfers sperm privately, giving him the ability to avoid medical tests.

Joe currently resides in the UK and has the following description on his Facebook page: Top sperm donor, blond blue eyes, 160+ births. I can help with a baby anywhere in the UK, message now.

St Louis Aquarium Holds 1.3 Million Gallons Of Water For Endless Water Fun

The St. Louis Aquarium is located in the heart of Union Station, one of the country’s most famous train terminals. You will be astounded at what you are about to see as you enter the train station lobby to begin your adventure. And once you’re “all aboard,” you’ll have St. Louis’ own John Goodman as your conductor for the first leg of your 90-minute trip, making for an unforgettable start.

A black split-flap board near the ticket booth, as you walk through the arched doorway to the St. Louis Aquarium, flips over guest information in the same manner that train schedules are updated by the clacking of tiles moving to the next departure.

You’ll be transported away on a virtual train excursion after paying your tickets. The experience, which is projected on a giant screen, transports you on a journey similar to those depicted in the Magic School Bus novels. The train chugs along, then rockets into the air before crashing into the sea.

“It was really important for us to continue the train theme in the aquarium, to reinforce that we’re in this beautiful, historic train shed,” says Tamera Lash Brown, executive director of the aquarium.

“If you leave without getting your hands wet in this aquarium, we send you back through,” jokes Aaron Sprowl, the aquarium’s general curator.

“Lesser devil rays can get to be 6 feet wide when full grown,” says Erin Clark, director of animal projects. The creatures are like aquatic ballerinas that glide right over you.

“There is going to be a lot of movement, no matter where you’re at,” says Sprowl. “There’s always going to be something to see.”

If you’ve ever wanted to pet a stingray or a shark, or feed a turtle, the St. Louis Aquarium is the place to go.

According to Tami Brown, Executive Director of the St. Louis Aquarium, a lot of thought and planning went into every detail of this location, including the Aquarium’s high-touch, high-tech approach, which begins the moment you walk in.

“Providing this higher level of connection for our guests with these wonderful aquatic animals has always been our goal. This interactive approach ultimately leads to a better understanding of the creatures we house here, and their environments. It allows our guests to realize that they might want to become better stewards of our planet, and our waters, allowing for these animals to continue to thrive,” she explains.

If a sea life experience excites you then this place is one not to be missed. It really is such a huge place with endless amount to do and entertain you and the family alike. Well worth a visit!

If water adventures is your vibe then you really must check this out!