Video Captures The ‘real speed of planes’ and shows just how fast they actually go.


Undoubtedly, planes are renowned for their remarkable speed. It’s an undeniable fact – after all, how else could they whisk us away to destinations halfway across the globe in such a short time?

However, due to their usual position high in the sky, it’s often challenging to grasp just how swiftly they traverse the air. But a video has surfaced, capturing the ‘true speed’ of these flying giants and shedding light on the rapidity with which a passenger jet can move when observed up close.

This phenomenon that deceives us into perceiving planes as slower than they are, despite their obvious velocity, is known as Motion Parallax. It hinges on how swiftly an object traverses our field of vision.

For instance, a speeding car on a motorway, with the scenery whizzing past in a blur, may seem faster than a plane soaring in the sky. The latter lingers in our field of vision for a longer duration. However, this TikTok video circumvents Motion Parallax and vividly demonstrates just how swiftly planes truly travel.

Credit: Pexels

In reality, the Boeing 737 featured in the video, a common workhorse airliner, boasts a cruising speed of a breathtaking 545 mph. It’s no surprise that it streaks across the screen with such astonishing speed.

What’s mind-boggling is that, in the realm of aeronautics, this speed isn’t even considered exceptionally fast. It’s undeniably brisk, but there exist numerous aircraft capable of achieving much greater velocities.

Take, for instance, the supersonic passenger jet Concorde, which boasted a cruising speed just above 1,340 mph, enabling it to complete transatlantic journeys in record time.

However, even the Concorde pales in comparison to the fastest air-breathing aircraft ever crafted – the Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird. Originally conceived and constructed in the 1960s, the SR-71 served as a reconnaissance aircraft designed for high-altitude operations.

Equipped with stealth technology, it possessed not only the ability to evade surface-to-air missiles but also a maximum speed clocked at an astonishing 2,200 mph.

Credit: TikTok/@plutosdestiny

All these speeds are undeniably awe-inspiring, but even the relatively ‘sluggish’ Boeing 737 still exhibits an incredible swiftness, as the video vividly demonstrates.

Instead of our customary experience of squinting at distant aircraft, the video presents an airliner soaring amidst the clouds, seemingly leisurely en route to its destination.

Considering the considerable altitude at which these flights cruise and the subsequent need for deceleration upon landing, the video offers a rather startling perspective. The jet streaks past with such velocity that it almost appears surreal.

As for the mechanics of flight and how planes stay airborne, it’s safe to say that there’s no need to feign comprehensive understanding. Engineers may offer explanations involving thrust, air pressure, and lift, but for most of us, it remains akin to magic.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / plutosdestiny