Holidaymakers Branded ‘Sad’ As They Race Through Hotel Doors After They’re Opened In Fight For Sunbeds


Sun bed wars are a real thing!

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Tourists at an unidentified hotel have been dubbed “sad” after they were seen on camera racing through the doors to the pool area in order to secure the best sunbathing place for the day.

The struggle for the greatest spot in the sun is a well-known reality.

We read stories about arguments over sunbeds, disagreements about sunbed etiquette, and criticism of other people’s sunbed-purchasing strategies every year.

Get over it, they’re not even that comfortable.

However, getting the best spot in the sun seems to be the deciding factor for some people’s vacation, so they’ll get out of bed at the crack of dawn to wait for the hotel pool’s doors to open before rushing outside to lay their towel like the first flag on a recently discovered landmass.

Most people would undoubtedly prefer to simply go to the beach or extend their time in bed, but every holiday is different, isn’t it?

These videos show individuals waiting in lines to exit the building before the race starts; they appear to be primarily British.

One can only speculate as to what type of spot-chaser you would need to be to work with these professionals.

Anyhow, the majority of viewers of the video, which @jordanmccartney7 posted on TikTok, have called the early birds asserting their territory “sad.”

One person wrote: “How on earth is that an enjoyable holiday?”

It’s a good question – most people go on holiday not to rush about or have to compete with others.

“The saddest people you could meet,” commented another.

“Let’s go on holiday and stress out about sunbeds,” said a third.

at fact, there are now restrictions on when you may lay down towels to claim a sunbed as well as how long you can leave them unattended at certain resorts.

The fact that the doors in this instance are locked until the very last second indicates that there is a scramble for the prime location.

“Would sooner get up, have breakfast and go out for the day exploring the country you are visiting,” someone else commented.

Well, as we’ve covered – everyone’s holiday is different.

“If that’s going [on] holiday I’ll leave it thank you,” said another.

There are other solutions, so maybe we shouldn’t immediately give up on the idea just because of this.

Just keep in mind that a vacation sometimes involves more than a sun lounger.

However, for some, choosing the right one appears to be crucial.

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