Film-Themed Airbnbs For The Film-Obsessed


From the world’s last Blockbuster store to a Disney themed castle for celebrities, here are the best film-themed AirBnbs money can buy – or, in this case, rent.

Some films stay with us and we don’t want them to end. When they do, all we are left with are our memories of great times.

But, if you are obsessed like me, you will try to make the experience last even longer by watching documentaries and interviews with cast and production, listening to podcasts that delve into the most useless details (whatever happened to Central Perk’s sofa and why do I need to know that?), visiting filming locations and, now, staying at themed AirBnbs. Look at this Blockbuster Airbnb. They transformed the world’s last Blockbuster into an Airbnb and it’s unbearably cool.

Credit: Airbnb

If you are a child of the ’90s, you probably remember renting films at Blockbuster with some nostalgia. The pre-Netflix Jurassic store has reinvented itself as an Airbnb in Oregon, EUA. Be mindful, however, that this baby, contrary to the real Blockbuster, is fully rented i.e. absolutely sold out for the foreseeable future.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a cartoon way more than I wanted to play with Legos. For children or adults like me, there is a castle with 5 themed rooms near the Disney Parks in America. This Small World Castle with each room themed differently is a fave amongst celebrities and rich people – if that’s your crew. It features a Harry Potter room as well as a Star Wars one with dual galactic battle pods. Also a Cinderella room with a princess carriage besides a movie screening room equipped with leather recliner theatre seatings and 4K technology.

Credit: Airbnb

Near to a Resort in an exclusive area, the castle is also close to an ecological reserve. This is a 5 star luxury for £1,481 per night and for a minimum of 5 nights containing a swimming pool and a gym. There is also a wine cellar, two jacuzzi and a banquet table for your 17 friends. it does sound a bit cheap for a celebrity but what do I know!

Credit: Airbnb

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