The 15 Most Expensive LEGO To Buy For A Posh Xmas


Legos are more expensive than cement building blocks for a reason and we prepared a list of the 15 most expensive lego to buy for a posh Christmas so you can have some fun.

To avoid the competition, Lego started buying the exclusive rights to build themed sets and, so far, has garnered Harry Potter, Star Wars, Toy Story, Indiana Jones and Winnie the Pooh.

The initiative of buying exclusive rights came as the result of a court dispute between Lego and Mega Blocks, after Mega Blocks started to sell a similar product but for half the price. Competition in the plastic building block toys industry got fierce, y’all.

Mega blocks have so far been losing the exclusive rights battle owning the rights to Barbie, Thomas the Tank Engine, Hello Kitty and the video game Halo.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that a brand new Lego set can reach up to nearly $1k and a collectable has an $8k initial bid on eBay. Have a look at the most expensive Lego set we could find:

1. Home Alone

At the cost of a meagre £229.99, this Home Alone set has been released on 1st November and is already sold out, this is a homage to the 90s film but also a wink at the controversial reboot Home Sweet Home Alone. Buy the amazing set and get the controversy for free!

It includes The Wet Bandits figures. Credit: Lego

2. Harry Potter

This complete Harry Potter collection has an initial bid of $8k on eBay and includes 55 figures from the world of the boy who lived. Just so you don’t go spending 8k like that, you should know this is a second-hand item.

Fun included. Credit: Lego

3. Star Wars

Dip into your uni savings if you need, but this $4,999.99 Star Wars Collectible display is a must for any Xmas worth its salt.

4. Life on Mars

An out of this world Lego Life on Mars Monojet for $2k? Yes, please!

Mars is not included. Credit: Lego

5. Star Wars Mini Figurines

The owner says it’s “unused, unopened and undamaged” which is probably what drove the price all the way up to a staggering $5,060.93. Maybe, if you ask nicely, they can give you a discount of $4,960.00. Oooooph!

They are almost as small as their price is large. Credit: Lego

6. More Star Wars

Figurines seem to be in high demand, as this collection of 10 sets is up on eBay for $995. It comes with a manual but I wonder if you could get a 50% discount if you were to exclude it.

Not a true photography of the real-life Lord of the Dark Side Darth Vader. Credit: Lego

7. AT-AT of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Based on the price, which is an eye-watering $935, one would assume that this is probably the real robot they used in the film.

8. Colosseum

The historical landmark of the Colosseum probably costs less than its Lego interpretation which runs brand new for a scary £449.99. The place where history meets Russel Crowe should have a high value but a bit steep for me.

Rome is not included. Credit: Lego

9. Disney Castle

I was saving to visit the real Disney park but, for £449.99, I might as well just buy a Lego of it and stay at the house.

It’s as mum always says: “why save for rent when you can buy a Lego?” Credit: Lego

10. Hogwarts

Harry Potter’s personal pet can be yours for £229.99. No animals have been harmed in the making of this Lego.

“Hoooo,” said the owl. Credit: Lego

11. Imperial Star Destroyer

The capital ship bristling with weapons emplacements costs a laughable £649.99. Maybe we are missing the punchline because we are so poor from our obsession and buying Lego that we cannot focus.

After you host that charity event with hundreds of people just to buy this, you still have to spend hours building it. Credit: Lego

12. Millennium Falcon

Actually, £649.99 for the Millennium Falcon is not that bad. As long as I don’t have to build it myself…wait a minute.

It’s quite life-like, except that it’s fictional. Credit: Lego

13. Hogwarts Castle

Muggles of the world, unite! Together we can raise £349.99 to buy Hogwarts! Let’s do this!

For those who are wizards, not baboon with a stick. Credit: Lego

14. Disney Train Station

Only £299.99 for the Disney Train Station sure is swell. Check your winter coats, maybe you find some spare change in there.

All aboard the overpriced train! Credit: Lego

15. Jurassic Park

“Roaarr”, is probably what the T-Rex is saying about this £219.99 Lego set. A wise dinosaur. A wise dinosaur, indeed.

Roarrrrrrrrrrr. Credit: Lego

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