Super Organised Kitchens That Got Us Obsessed


One day you’re young and the next you want your kitchen to look like this.

You are not alone if the only thing you want in life is a neat kitchen where everything has its place. There is nothing worse than burning your onions because you cannot find the wooden spoon to mix – nothing worse, I repeat, not even heartbreak or climate change.

This is why there are qualified professional organizers out there. Yes, professional organizers do, basically, the same work as your friend Lisa, who labels things for fun; but better.  

Therefore, if you would like to show your friend Lisa how to get labels done the perfect way, if organisation (or seeing organised stuff online) is your life motto or if you love a good organised kitchens’ bonanza as much as we do, just read through:

OCDs of the world unite!

I always thought that losing track of how much pasta you have in your cabinet was normal, until now. I’m never quite sure whether I need to buy more or not because there is always a bit more left in the back of the shelf. Also unsure about whether I could consume that much star anise in a lifetime, but happy to give it a go at finishing an entire jar!

Cans, cans, cans across the board

I don’t think I would save Oreos and cookies in a jar as they might lose their freshness. Also, Sleeping with the Enemy springs to mind when I look at this. Who has that many cans anyway?

Veggies are more than just ingredients, they’re a lifestyle

In case you are ever confused about your onions and squashes, here’s the perfect solution. No judgement here, I once met a guy who didn’t know what a courgette was so…

Ever wondered how to organise your bowls?

We’ve cracked it.

Cabinet for the gods

Isn’t it just gorgeous? I wish I could tag my friends here. Can you tag your friends for me instead?

Door support

We all need some extra support every now and then.

These knives are a bit wordy

For those who are fans of both literature and cutlery. Those two spoons scattered would bother me, though. Each thing in its own place!

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