Beautiful Farmhouses That Can Make You A Better Person


After all, a gorgeous farmhouse is all you need for Christmas besides Mariah Carey.

With us all spending much more time at home since the pandemic, most design trends 2021 are focusing on comfort, home office spaces, natural settings, outdoor dining and adaptable living areas.

To help you get cosied up (and self-improved) this winter, numerous construction and design companies are offering bespoke homes and Junkie has selected the most spectacular ones we could find.

Natural lights for a natural life!

This elegant farmhouse is a show stopper with a natural light bonus. Its sleek lines and spacious rooms make it look much bigger than it actually is. Speaking about adaptable living areas, the open spaces inside are a dream. The massive windows let in all the sunlight you can possibly fathom and the neutral colours are easy to match up with any décor style!

A home with a view to my self-improved soul

A home with a view, this is the perfect build for a family looking for a calmer lifestyle. Combining wood and rocks in its design, the house has a classic layout for people who enjoy tradition with a twist – or two. If I had this much space and nature last year, I’m sure my lockdown would have looked much less Netflixy.

Lockdown jitters? Farmhouse titters!

You can enjoy the best of farm life while living in an adorable barn-looking home. Whereas you do not need to become a shepherd to be able to live here, in this house, you could finally use all those gardening tools you’ve purchased during lockdown and never (ever) used.

For those tired of sleeping in a sofa-bed

Still under construction, this is the kind of home that would help me go through all items on my to-do list. I’m pretty sure if I lived here, no house chore would be neglected, no sugar would be consumed and I would be an overall better person. All I need to solve my life problems is this house.

Balcony to the woods

Speaking of outdoor dining areas, look at this balcony facing the woods. The wild noises at night might be a bit scarier than the cursing of drunkards in my current central neighbourhood, but I’m sure I could get used to it over time. An open plan kitchen/living room like this is amazing for entertaining when you have guests over. Because, yes, in this kitchen I would definitely cook, that’s for sure.

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